Review of Betting Gods: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Their Tipster Services

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Experience the full range of Betting Gods’ tipster services for just £1 with a 30-day trial. This service operates with a strong emphasis on professionalism, prioritizing profit and offering a risk-free trial.

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In this comprehensive Betting Gods review, it’s high time to share my insights into this prominent tipster service that has garnered much attention. The market is flooded with numerous tipsters, making it challenging to discern the reliable ones from the rest. Personally, I adhere to specific criteria, such as the presence of proofing, straightforward staking plans that accurately reflect profits, and, most crucially, the absence of extravagant claims (though profitability remains paramount) 🙂

Certainly, there’s a regular influx of tipsters that exhibit all these red flags, and they can be promptly disregarded. Following these are the myriad independent tipsters, earnestly attempting to convert their betting expertise into a sustainable income. The challenge lies in the fact that many of these services fail to deliver profits significant enough to justify their costs, often asking for fees like £50 for a mere 12 points of profit per month.

This brings us to tipster stables, a category that includes several examples, with Betfan being arguably the largest tipster stable globally. I’ve already provided extensive coverage of Betfan, shedding light on its position in the industry.

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Review Contents:

1. Try Betting Gods Service for £1 for a Full 30 Days

2. About Betting Gods Ltd

3. No Scam Alert

4. Darren Moore’s Background

5. Meet the Betting Gods Tipsters

  – Value Racing Tips

  – Master Racing Tipster

  – Tom Nelson Racing

  – Premier Greyhound Tips

  – Big Race Bookie Busters

  – The Sports Guru

  – Max Racing Tips

  – High Rollers Betting

  – The Each Way King

  – Cudworth’s Racing Lays

  – Quentin Franks Racing

  – QF Value Tips

  – Flat Racing Master

  – Golf Betting Expert

  – Try Time Tips

  – The All Weather God

6. Membership Costs and Safety at Betting Gods

7. Becoming a Tipster at Betting Gods

8. Profits with Betting Gods

9. Additional Offerings by Betting Gods

10. Conclusion on Betting Gods

11. Betting Gods: Highly Recommended

12. Summary of Betting Gods

13. £1 for a Full 30 Days Betting Gods Trial

14. Try Betting Gods Service for £1 for a Full 30 Days

15. Incoming Search Terms


Notably, size doesn’t always equate to quality, and this is where Betting Gods comes into play. betting gods review,This review will delve deep into this relatively new player in the field, highlighting various aspects that contribute to its appeal.

Product Details:

– *Product Title:* Betting Gods Tipster Services

– *Price:* £1 for a 30-day free trial

– *Guarantee:* ClickBank standard guarantee

What’s Included:

– Access to advertised tipsters and their daily selections.

– Free trials.

– Comprehensive help and support.

– Post-sales assistance from Betting Gods.

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About Betting Gods Ltd:

Betting Gods operates as a tipster stable, consolidating multiple tipsters under a single platform, overseen by Darren Moore. betting gods review, With expertise spanning various disciplines like football, golf, horse racing, and rugby, Betting Gods ensures diverse options for all types of punters.

Established nearly two years ago, Betting Gods has experienced substantial growth since its inception, evolving from the partnership of Darren Moore and Neil Stevens-Wood at Tipster Warehouse.

Darren Moore:

Darren Moore, the driving force behind Betting Gods, boasts extensive experience in the betting industry. Having encountered both highs and lows, Moore developed a disciplined betting approach, which extends to his business strategies.


Dispelling any doubts about legitimacy, Betting Gods has actively engaged with the racing community, sponsoring races and courses. Founder Darren Moore advocates for the regulation of tipster services to combat scams, showcasing the platform’s commitment to transparency.


In conclusion, Betting Gods stands out as a reliable tipster service with a diverse range of offerings. Darren Moore’s dedication to cleaning up the industry reflects the platform’s commitment to providing genuine and valuable services to punters. Highly recommended.

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Betting Gods and Darren Moore’s Background:

Darren Moore’s involvement with Betting Gods isn’t his initial venture into the realm of tipster services. Before his association with Betting Gods, he served as a tipster himself for a management service, a platform that Betting Gods has now far surpassed in scale.

Over time, Moore gained insights and expertise through this experience. betting gods review, He openly acknowledges feeling frustrated with missed opportunities and, significantly, the lack of attention to customer concerns within his former company.

Emphasizing the importance of customer service, Darren Moore places it at the core of Betting Gods. While a detailed exploration of this aspect will follow, his reputation for customer focus is noteworthy.

So much so that he has authored articles on Clickbank highlighting his low refund rate (accessible in full here).

In essence, Moore advocates that embracing customer service and placing it at the center of all operations is key to reducing refunds.

Attributing this philosophy to “customer delight,” a concept developed during his early work in the family greengrocers, Moore underscores the need to not merely meet customer expectations but to actively surpass them.

This commitment is evident in how Betting Gods operates under his guidance.

Since the inception of Betting Gods, Darren Moore has gained recognition on Richard Branson’s Virgin Pioneers, a platform spotlighting emerging entrepreneurs.

An article on organic business growth featured Moore, who attributed the success to Betting Gods’ transparency and unwavering commitment to ‘customer delight.’ He has also been showcased on the Guardian’s website as part of their small business showcase, affirming the credibility of his credentials.

Who Are the Betting Gods Tipsters?

Most of the tipster services affiliated with Betting Gods have individual tipsters behind each service, with very few offering multiple services.

Notably, Quentin Frank is the only tipster providing more than one service. It’s crucial to highlight his association with Betting Gods and the duration of his involvement. When Darren Moore founded Betting Gods, Quentin Frank transitioned with him from their previous stable.

Each tipster brings a unique approach to betting, evident when analyzing results from one service to another. Some focus on identifying value and underdogs, while others prioritize a higher strike rate for more frequent wins, albeit generally with lower profits per bet.

This diversity enables users to align with a service that suits their betting style and budget. The accessibility of Betting Gods’ tipsters, coupled with risk-free paper betting, offers users ample opportunities to explore without real financial risk. The phrase ‘something for everybody’ aptly captures this sentiment, and it stands true.

While finding the right tipster may take some time and experimentation, it can also be an enjoyable process. Surprising successes may emerge, challenging initial dismissals.

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Review of Value Racing Tips:

Among Betting Gods’ diverse services, Value Racing Tips is one of the longest-running and straightforward options. True to its name, the focus is on identifying value bets. Subscribers receive three win bets daily, each supported by a simple staking plan of 1 point per bet.

Since its launch in November 2013, Value Racing Tips has accumulated an impressive profit of 409.62 points. The average monthly profit of £128.01 and an ROI of 17.38% further enhance its appeal.

Master Racing Tipster:

Master Racing Tipster aims to provide subscribers with a competitive advantage over bookmakers by releasing selections as early as possible, typically the night before the race. The service boasts a slightly varied staking plan, contributing to its impressive track record of generating 415.29 points of profit. Even more noteworthy is its remarkable Return on Investment (ROI) of 30.59%.

Tom Nelson Racing:

Tom Nelson Racing differentiates itself by catering to serious gamblers. Nelson imparts selections almost as advice, offering honest insights that empower subscribers to exercise control over their decisions. This distinctive approach has translated into nearly £6,000 in profits since July, resulting in an average monthly yield of £255.50.

Premier Greyhound Tips:

Premier Greyhound Tips deviates from horse racing but doesn’t compromise on potential gains. With over two decades of experience, the tipster behind the service delivers daily tips, averaging £178.19 in monthly profits at varied stakes. betting gods review,The service boasts a solid ROI of 11.44%, accumulating a total profit of £3,563.70.

Big Race Bookie Busters:

Big Race Bookie Busters, part of Betting Gods since late 2014, focuses on significant profits in horse racing through substantial bets. The tipster, Tim, renowned for longer odd tips, has guided the service to impressive profits of £4,462.30, equating to a commendable ROI of 26.27%.

The Sports Guru:

A recent addition to Betting Gods, The Sports Guru, active for just over a year, stands out for its high-volume betting across various sports. Despite a staking plan ranging from 1 to 5 points per bet, The Sports Guru achieves an impressive strike rate of almost 45%. In slightly over a year, the service has amassed an outstanding profit of £3,254.60 with £10 stakes.

Expanding on Betting Gods Tipsters:

Betting Gods boasts a diverse range of tipsters covering various sports and betting disciplines. Each tipster is an expert in their respective field, providing carefully curated selections for subscribers. Whether you’re into horse racing, football, golf, rugby, or other sports, Betting Gods has a tipster service tailored to your preferences.

The platform operates as a tipster stable, bringing together multiple tipsters under one roof. This allows for efficient management, marketing, and quality control of the tipsters’ services. With a two-year track record and exponential growth, Betting Gods has become a prominent player in the industry.

The tipsters associated with Betting Gods include:

1. Value Racing Tips: Emphasizing finding value bets in horse racing.

2. Master Racing Tipster: Offers early selections to gain an edge over bookmakers.

3. Tom Nelson Racing: Targets serious gamblers with honest advice and substantial profits.

4. Premier Greyhound Tips: Focuses on greyhound racing with over two decades of experience.

5. Big Race Bookie Busters: Involves placing significant bets on longer odd tips in horse racing.

6. The Sports Guru: A high-volume service covering a wide range of sports with an impressive strike rate.

7. Max Racing Tips: Relatively new service based on statistical research with a solid strike rate.

8. High Rollers Betting: Research-based selections sent out daily, aiming for consistent profits.

9. The Each Way King: Specializes in each-way betting with a respectable strike rate and ROI.

10. Cudworth’s Racing Lays: Uniquely focused on lay betting, achieving an impressive 80% strike rate.

11. Quentin Franks Racing: Long-standing service with a long-term approach and detailed selections.

12. QF Value Tips: A variation of Quentin Franks’ main service, providing selections a day before the race.

13. Flat Racing Master: One of the newest but promising services, focusing on flat racing with excellent results.

14. Golf Betting Expert: Betting Gods’ answer to golf tipster services, showcasing impressive ROI despite a low strike rate.

15. Try Time Tips: A niche rugby sports betting tipster service, offering unique insights into rugby selections.

16. The All Weather God: Concentrates exclusively on all-weather horse races, providing consistent profits.

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Betting Gods Members Login:

Betting Gods offers a user-friendly members’ login area where subscribers can access daily tips, manage their subscriptions, and engage with the community. betting gods review, The login area ensures a seamless experience for members, allowing them to stay informed about the latest selections and updates from their chosen tipsters.

Betting Gods Tips:

The tips provided by Betting Gods’ tipsters are issued via email and uploaded to a special member’s area on the website. Unlike traditional tipster services, Betting Gods encourages tipsters to explain their selections, providing subscribers with valuable insights into the reasoning behind each tip. This approach helps bettors develop their understanding of the sports they are betting on.

Betting Gods Ltd:

Betting Gods Ltd is the company behind the platform, managing and overseeing the operations of the tipster stable. The company’s transparency is highlighted by its presence on various platforms, including Google, showcasing its genuine and legitimate status.

Betting Gods Football Prediction:

While Betting Gods primarily focuses on horse racing, it offers tipster services covering various sports, including football. The football tipsters provide predictions and selections to help subscribers make informed betting decisions.

Betting Gods Members:

Betting Gods members gain access to a wide array of tipster services, daily selections, and a supportive community. Memberships offer a chance to explore different betting styles, sports, and tipsters, catering to both new and experienced bettors.

In summary, Betting Gods provides a comprehensive platform with diverse tipster services, transparent operations, and valuable insights for members across various sports and disciplines. betting gods review, The focus on customer experience, coupled with a variety of trial options, makes it a standout choice in the realm of tipster services.

 Betting Gods Full Access Confirmation:

When you sign up for Betting Gods, you gain full access to a range of premium features and services. This includes receiving daily tips from expert tipsters, accessing a dedicated member’s area, and enjoying various benefits that enhance your overall betting experience. The full access confirmation assures you that you’re entitled to all the offerings provided by Betting Gods, ensuring a comprehensive and rewarding membership.

Betting Gods Quentin Franks:

Quentin Franks is one of the esteemed tipsters affiliated with Betting Gods. As a long-standing service, Quentin Franks Racing offers a unique approach to betting with a focus on a long-term strategy and attention to detail. Subscribers to Quentin Franks’ tips can expect consistent and carefully selected recommendations, contributing to the overall success of Betting Gods.

Top Football Tipster Betting Gods:

While Betting Gods is renowned for its horse racing tipsters, it also features top football tipsters. These football experts provide valuable insights and predictions to help bettors make informed decisions when wagering on football matches. The diversity of tipsters ensures that Betting Gods caters to a broad spectrum of sports enthusiasts, including football aficionados.

NBA Betting Gods East:

While there might not be a specific reference to “NBA Betting Gods East,” Betting Gods, in general, covers various sports, including basketball. Tipsters associated with Betting Gods offer insights and tips on NBA games, providing subscribers with expert analysis to enhance their basketball betting strategies.

Betting Gods VIP:

Betting Gods VIP status is likely an elevated membership tier that provides additional perks and benefits to subscribers. VIP members may enjoy exclusive access to certain tipsters, enhanced customer support, or special promotions. betting gods review, This premium status reflects Betting Gods’ commitment to offering a tailored and rewarding experience to its most dedicated members.

Election Betting Gods:

Betting Gods caters to diverse markets, and election betting is one such area. Tipsters may offer insights and predictions related to political events and elections, allowing subscribers to explore betting opportunities beyond traditional sports.

Betting Gods Scam:

There is no evidence or indication that Betting Gods operates as a scam. The platform has gained credibility over the years, and its commitment to transparency, genuine tipsters, and a user-friendly experience has helped establish trust within the betting community. Memberships come with trial options and money-back guarantees, further dispelling concerns of any potential scam.

CS:GO Betting Gods:

While Betting Gods primarily focuses on traditional sports, it might not cover esports like CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). The platform mainly associates with tipsters who specialize in horse racing, football, golf, rugby, and other mainstream sports.

“Betting Gods Master Racing Tipster”:

The “Betting Gods Master Racing Tipster” likely refers to one of the specific tipster services offered by Betting Gods. The Master Racing Tipster service is known for providing early selections to gain an edge over bookmakers, contributing to the overall success and reputation of Betting Gods.

Max Racing Tips:

Launched in May 2015, Max Racing Tips thrives on simplicity and statistical research. The tipster’s focus on providing straightforward selections, coupled with an impressive average strike rate of almost 35%, makes Max Racing Tips a reliable choice. The service boasts an attractive average monthly profit of 15.19 points.

High Rollers Betting:

High Rollers Betting, marking its first anniversary, relies on research-based selections sent daily to subscribers. The sole purpose, according to Betting Gods, is to generate profits, and it excels at that. In a year, High Rollers Betting has accumulated an outstanding £3,955.50 with £10 stakes, equating to an extra £329.63 in monthly earnings.

The Each Way King:

Specializing in each-way betting, The Each Way King advises stakes at 1 or 2 points. Despite odds reaching up to 18/1 in some races, the service maintains a commendable strike rate of 28.32%. Over a year, it has generated a substantial profit of almost £4,500, boasting an impressive ROI of 34.08%.

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Betting Gods Free Trial Tipster Services:

Cudworth’s Racing Lays:

Cudworth’s Racing Lays stands out as the sole Betting Gods tipster service dedicated to lay betting. Despite being a newcomer to Betting Gods, it places a clear emphasis on the quality of selection. The service boasts an astounding 80% strike rate, indicating a winning bet in every four attempts. While the average monthly profit is a gradual £90, the low risk involved adds to its appeal.

Quentin Franks Racing:

With nearly two years under its belt, Quentin Franks Racing is a longstanding Betting Gods service. As a close associate of Darren Moore (owner of Betting Gods), Quentin Frank focuses on long-term results, often providing multiple emails per day. The service consistently delivers a respectable monthly profit of £215.15.

QF Value Tips:

Another offering from Quentin Frank, QF Value Tips follows a similar approach to his primary service. Selections are sent out a day before the race, allowing subscribers to seek the best value and odds. While the number of daily selections is limited, maintaining excitement, a 26.62% strike rate ensures consistent profitability. QF Value Tips has demonstrated an impressive ROI of 21.54%.

Flat Racing Master:

Among the newer services from Betting Gods, Flat Racing Master shows significant promise. With a focus on flat racing and a straightforward betting approach (win and each way stakes), it emerges as one of the standout tipsters. The service boasts incredible average monthly earnings of £553.60 and an outstanding ROI of 34.02%.

Golf Betting Expert:

Golf Betting Expert represents Betting Gods’ foray into golf tipster services. Despite a sport with a less than 10% strike rate, the numbers make a compelling case. In just a few months, Golf Betting Expert has achieved an unprecedented ROI of almost 50%, accompanied by an average profit of £324, surpassing many other tipsters.

Try Time Tips:

Try Time Tips focuses on rugby sports betting, offering a unique and interesting option in the market. With limited direct competition, betting gods review, Try Time Tips serves as a valuable resource for identifying the best rugby selections.

Try Time Tips, despite being a highly specialized tipster service, has managed to generate profits of £1,243.80 since September of the previous year. Although not staggering in comparison to some services, it boasts an impressive strike rate of 48.61%, one of the highest observed.

The All Weather God focuses exclusively on all-weather horse races, offering a consistent approach due to fewer variables in these races. Using a straightforward 1-3 point staking system, the service has achieved an average strike rate of 30.48%. Over six months, this results in a profit of just over £1,000 and an ROI of 13.98%, providing a reliable and consistent service.

Tips from Betting Gods are disseminated via email and uploaded to a dedicated member’s area on the website. Unlike some tipster services, Betting Gods encourages tipsters to explain their selections, fostering a deeper understanding of the sport for subscribers. This approach allows bettors to gain insights into factors influencing selections, enhancing their independent understanding.

The cost of joining Betting Gods varies as each service is individually priced, reflecting factors such as the number of selections and depth of research. Typically, these services range from £30 to £50 per month or £70 to £110 per quarter. While these figures may seem high, considering the comprehensive offerings from Betting Gods, they are competitive in the industry. Additionally, most services provide a trial period, allowing users to test a service for a full 30 days for just £1. Free daily tips are also available, ensuring that Betting Gods caters to individuals with varying budgets.

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Is Betting Gods secure?

I confidently affirm that Betting Gods stands out as one of the safest tipster services available. Darren Moore’s commitment to transparency and honesty, along with the provision of free tips, 30-day trials, and a 60-day money-back guarantee on all subscription options, sets a remarkable standard. This guarantee is supported by Clickbank, which is unparalleled in the tipster community.

Unlike most tipsters who adopt a laissez-faire approach, Betting Gods, through the Clickbank money-back guarantee, ensures an unambiguous 2-month window to claim a refund if any of its services fall short of expectations. Clickbank handles refunds directly, removing the process from the vendor’s control.

Darren Moore’s article for Clickbank about his low refund rate further underscores the safety of Betting Gods as an investment. While acknowledging that investing or betting can never be deemed 100% risk-free, Moore has diligently taken measures to bring it as close to certainty as possible.

Genuine Company:

Betting Gods is an authentic company with openly available details. The company’s information is readily accessible on Google, exemplified below:


How to Become a Tipster:

Becoming a tipster through Betting Gods is a straightforward process, easily accomplished online. The key requirement is demonstrating a consistent ability to generate profits. Reports from within the Betting Gods community highly praise the service and management, indicating that Darren Moore has curated an appealing package.

Tipsters can earn an impressive 40% of all sales before costs, translating to 40p for every pound generated. While this may seem modest at first glance, Betting Gods justifies its commission by providing full management of services, including result updates, tip dissemination, and subscription management. Additionally, comprehensive customer support ensures customers never feel isolated.

Betting Gods extends beyond providing top-notch access to leading tipsters; it offers a comprehensive package that prioritizes punters. My previous positive reviews of their products only scratch the surface, and this more detailed examination reveals an even greater emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Darren Moore’s unwavering commitment to an exceptional customer experience sets Betting Gods apart. The company’s natural growth, coupled with interviews with Moore, provides ample evidence of this dedication. In this extensive review, the intricate connections within Betting Gods become evident, showcasing a well-coordinated system that benefits everyone involved.

Tipsters receive outstanding marketing, promotion, and management support. From a punter’s perspective, Betting Gods offers unparalleled service, standing out in the industry. While I’ve primarily focused on the service side, it’s crucial to note that all 14 services managed by Darren Moore have maintained long-term profitability. Despite occasional hiccups, a common occurrence in the industry, Betting Gods consistently delivers positive results.

In conclusion,

I have always appreciated Betting Gods products, and after thorough research, my admiration has only grown. Darren Moore emerges as one of the industry’s genuinely amiable figures who genuinely cares about the service provided to punters. This commitment has propelled Betting Gods into a truly international business, earning my wholehearted recommendation.

For newcomers to tipping services or seasoned bettors, Betting Gods stands out as a top choice. Their stellar reputation precedes them, and I haven’t encountered any subpar products from them. The ability to trial their services without risk sets them apart from most tipster services. If you’re dissatisfied, claiming a refund is straightforward.

Betting Gods caters to a diverse range of betting portfolios, making it suitable for everyone. I wholeheartedly recommend Betting Gods as a rare find in the realm of tipster services, particularly for those interested in making money online.

Summary on Betting Gods:

– Generous packages for extensive trial periods with minimal risk

– All services are consistently profitable

– Exceptional customer service that is second to none

– The best all-around tipster stable online

– £1 for a full 30 days Betting Gods Trial

For just £1, you can try any of the Betting Gods services, offering everything to gain and nothing to lose. If the results don’t meet expectations, though they likely will, canceling is easy. It’s a risk-free opportunity to either make money or pay only £1 for a full month of tips. Click Here To Try The Betting Gods Service for just £1 for a Full 30 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Betting Gods

1. What is Betting Gods?

  – Betting Gods is a platform that connects sports bettors with professional tipsters. It offers a range of tipster services specializing in various sports, providing subscribers with expert insights and predictions to enhance their betting strategies.

2. How does Betting Gods work?

  – Betting Gods works by offering memberships to its subscribers, granting them access to tips and advice from experienced tipsters. Subscribers receive regular selections through email and a dedicated member’s area, helping them make informed betting decisions.

3. Are the tipsters at Betting Gods reliable?

  – Yes, Betting Gods takes pride in partnering with reputable and proven tipsters. The platform thoroughly vets and monitors the performance of tipsters to ensure their reliability. Transparent track records and regular updates contribute to the trustworthiness of the tipsters.

4. Can I try Betting Gods before committing to a subscription?

  – Yes, Betting Gods offers trial options for many of its services. Subscribers can often try the services for a reduced fee or even for free during a trial period. This allows bettors to assess the quality of the tips and the overall service before making a full commitment.

5. How do I receive tips from Betting Gods?

  – Tips from Betting Gods are typically delivered through email. Subscribers receive daily or regular selections directly to their inbox. Additionally, tips are often accessible in a special member’s area on the Betting Gods website.

6. Is there a money-back guarantee?

  – Yes, Betting Gods provides a money-back guarantee for most of its services. Subscribers are usually covered by a 30-day or 60-day money-back guarantee, offering a risk-free trial period. If the service does not meet expectations, subscribers can request a refund through Clickbank.

7. Can I trust the results and records provided by tipsters?

  – Yes, Betting Gods emphasizes transparency, and tipsters are required to provide accurate and up-to-date records of their selections. Subscribers can access these records to assess the historical performance of tipsters before making a decision.

8. Are there different sports covered by Betting Gods?

  – Yes, Betting Gods covers a variety of sports, including horse racing, football, golf, rugby, and more. The platform aims to cater to the diverse interests of sports bettors by offering tipsters with expertise in different sports.

9. How much does it cost to subscribe to Betting Gods?

  – The cost of subscribing to Betting Gods varies depending on the tipster service. Prices typically range from £30 to £50 per month or £70 to £110 per quarter. Some services may also offer trial periods for as low as £1 for the first 30 days.

10. How can I cancel my subscription if needed?

  – Subscribers can manage their subscriptions through the Betting Gods website. If you decide to cancel, you can typically do so easily through your account settings. Additionally, the customer support team is available to assist with any cancellation requests.

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