Can Couples Get Back Together After Months Apart: The 3 Most Important Tips

You break up with your partner, but get back together after a while. can couples get back together after months apart, In order for you to make a successful start in your partnership, we will give you the most important tips.

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Back together after a breakup – the best tips

Did you have an affair or did the strains of a long-distance relationship become too much for you? There are many reasons why a partnership no longer works and why a breakup occurs. However, if you want to try again afterwards, both sides must make an effort. We will tell you our three most important tips on how to win your ex-partner over again:

Take it slow. Even if you immediately want to enjoy being close to the other person again and just want to forget the past, it helps to take things slowly. Be patient and don’t rush things.

Even if it takes a little longer for you and your partner to find each other again, don’t lose patience. It’s a process that depends on many different factors.

But also make sure that you don’t lose sight of yourself during the time of the new beginning. Listen to your feelings and only do what you are ready for.

Talk to your partner – no partnership works without communication. If you talk about your feelings, mutual trust will come back all by itself.

Forgive the other. The blame for a breakup always falls on both sides of the partnership. So don’t blame your partner for taking responsibility for the past. In this way you also manage to build and consolidate mutual trust in the relationship .

Don’t worry too much about starting your relationship over again. After all, it worked for many other couples as well.

Perhaps the temporary separation was necessary for your relationship. You may even have realized how much you miss your partner and that you can’t do without them.

Make a fresh start after a breakup with your ex

Should you warm up a relationship after a breakup and dare to start over? What should be considered in a reconciliation?


Make a fresh start after a breakup with your ex

The partner who breaks out of the partnership can get a whole new perspective of the ex-partner from a distance. The weaknesses of the abandoned partner may be assessed completely differently, even becoming strengths. Your own part in the separation is seen more clearly. Positive experiences during the partnership may also be noticed again. Compared to the ex-partner, a new partner may perform worse. And maybe the abandoned partner will flourish even after the separation, become more independent and thus attractive again. Finally, the desire to return to the left partner can germinate in the ex-partner. The question arises when a fresh start makes sense.

Which signals encourage a new beginning?

There are several signals that you can observe in yourself, your ex, or both together that can be good signals for a new beginning. Maybe they feel  longing for each other and erotic attraction again. They enjoy being together and spending time together. Both imagine the future with their partner as beautiful and there are common, shared visions of both of you.

It is also important to look at their past time together. It’s a good sign when their conversations are no longer about guilt about the breakup and accusations and they both feel accepted and desired by the other again.

5 signs that you should refrain from starting over with your ex

If the partners get back together only in order not to feel fear and loneliness .

When one partner believes they can change the other for good.

When old mistakes are rehashed again and again.

When the partners only think about getting back together because of the children, the parents or the environment.

When addiction, emotional or physical abuse were the causes of the breakup and one partner simply says they want to change without actually doing anything.

5 tips on how to get closer again

First of all, moving in together again means: relief, the end of being alone, linking up with beautiful memories. Everything is back to normal. But just the decision: “Let’s try again…” is useless. What led to the separation must be considered. Otherwise the old patterns will slowly creep back in. Both have to work on a change. You need to:

Tip 1: Take stock .

Why did our relationship fail? What was good, what was bad?

Tip 2: Make clear agreements .

Who, when, how and what should be changed together in the relationship.

Tip 3: Check whether the change works.

Tip 4: Be willing to forgive .

A new beginning can only succeed if you are willing to let the past rest.

Tip 5: Give each other time to develop trust in each other again.

When can a renewed relationship be better than the old one?

when both work on themselves.

when they see the breakup as an opportunity to learn something about themselves and change it.

when they have recognized the importance of an intensive partnership with loyalty , trust and love.

when they examine and correct their values ​​and ideas about life.

when they have recognized that they can also live alone and make a conscious decision to be in a partnership.

when a new balance emerges from the experience of separation. (e.g. a partner has become much more self-confident and independent as a result of the separation.)

if both have the courage to open up and trust the other again.

if both are willing to get through crises together.

Case study 1: Positive feelings when seeing each other again after a long time

I met my ex husband again after 5 years of separation. We’re both alone. I discovered that I still have positive feelings towards him. Can I hope for a new beginning or should I stop such thoughts immediately? Can this even go well?

Of course, in order to answer your question, we would also need to hear your ex-husband. can couples get back together after months apart, Let’s assume that when you saw him again he felt something similar to yours, this could be a brief flare-up of old feelings. But a fresh start could also have good chances. For a new beginning it is important that you both enjoy being together and have the same visions for the future. You must also have dealt with the past well so that there are no more emotional outbursts and blamecomes. It is also necessary that they have developed further in the meantime and have, for example, acquired new attitudes in relation to the partnership. The only reason you don’t want to start over is if you only want to get back together because you’re lonely and can’t find another partner. A restart also has some dangers. For example, you can quickly get back into the old waters. The issues that caused the breakup may resurface—for example, conflicts over messiness, money management, or a hobby. Also the way you deal with such conflictsbypass, may reappear now. You may have a tendency to withdraw or yell at your partner in times of conflict. The euphoria and illusion that there will be no more conflicts between them after the restart can quickly lead to disappointment and bitterness. 


And it could also be that they don’t fully engage with their partner for fear of getting hurt again. While there are risks in starting over, there are rewards too. At further meetings, find out if there is common ground.

Case study 2: When the partner fights for the relationship after the breakup

After 22 years of marriage, I divorced my husband because he kept cheating on me with younger women. With my husband now struggling for our relationship, I have withdrawn from my new boyfriend. Can you really process such deep ruptures and start again, or will I be there again in two years? How do I know what the right way is?

Being cheated on by your partner several times is a wound that can always reopen. You have been willing several times to forgive your husband and give him another chance. You looked for the causes with him and yet this could not be prevented next time. In principle, your husband can change and you can try to trust him again. But there is no security for this or any other relationship. Unfortunately, there is no book in which you can look up the right way to go in such a situation. The question you should ask yourself is: What values ​​do I want to see realized in the partnership? What needs do I have? Which partner can best help me to fulfill these? Your children are grown and can learn to come to terms with your decision. If you decide to separate permanently, they can keep in touch with their father. If you decide to stay with your ex-husband, I would strongly advise him to seek psychotherapy. The promise that he really means business and that he won’t cheat anymore is something he most likely won’t be able to keep without fundamentally changing his attitudes. He has not yet eliminated the reasons that lead to him cheating. You also have the right to think of yourself. The fact that he really means business and no longer cheats is something he most likely can’t keep without fundamentally changing his attitudes. He has not yet eliminated the reasons that lead to him cheating. You also have the right to think of yourself. The fact that he really means business and no longer cheats is something he most likely can’t keep without fundamentally changing his attitudes. He has not yet eliminated the reasons that lead to him cheating. You also have the right to think of yourself.

Crisis, separation, divorce – reconciliation: How do couples manage to overcome difficult times in such a way that they then find each other again?

Peter Staiger’s second wedding wasn’t quite as opulent as the first. Registry office instead of church , the bride wore muted green, no white. Unlike the first time, the Staigers celebrated at home, not in an expensive restaurant. It was a lavish party nonetheless. Staiger can hardly remember the end of the evening because he was so drunk. Parents and in-laws, the friends, the children – everyone reveled in happiness with the couple. “It was kind of weird,” says the new husband. “It took that to be round again.” The woman he wanted to spend his life with from then on was the same as the first time – his ex.


Crisis, separation, divorce – when love gets out of step, it often goes steeply and finally downhill. Not that this would be a disaster in general. There are relationships in which the participants make each other so miserable that an ending becomes liberation. But is that enough to explain a 40 percent divorce rate? Are two out of five men and women actually marrying the wrong person? Or do partners screw it up over time? An online survey by a dating portal recently showed that one in three singles would like their ex back.

So how and why do some couples manage to overcome existential crises in such a way that they are still together or back together afterwards?

“I have no idea,” says Peter Staiger, whose real name is different. “That was the horror. I would not recommend this number to anyone. But without the split, we wouldn’t be as happy today.”

Things can build up over time

Scientific studies have shown that satisfaction in partnerships decreases in the first ten years. Every relationship can come under pressure, on the one hand from external shocks: illness, job loss, the constant stress when the children are small. On the other hand, as couple researcher Kurt Hahlweg, professor at the Technical University of Braunschweig, says, stresses arise from the bond itself.can couples get back together after months apart,  It doesn’t even take an affair or another blatant breach of trust to question love. “It’s,” says the psychologist, “the sum of little things that become problematic over time.” Maybe he always tells the same jokes. She hoards shoes. He likes to go dancing. She prefers game nights. Everything banal, every aspect taken separately. But:

According to Professor Hahlweg, when couples seek therapeutic help, their top three areas of conflict are communication. affection. Sexuality. In most cases, this hides the basic conflict about the relationship between closeness and distance, which has to be explored in every relationship – as well as the eternal question: “Do you love me?”

The crisis came as a surprise to Peter Staiger. He had married a college friend, the three and six-year-old children were out of the woods. The marriage was already in its proverbial seventh year, there was little argument, and the lawyer was convinced that they were fine. Today he would say: “Perhaps everything was too harmonious. It was kind of on the side.”

Expensive couples therapist and children with behavioral problems

Then his wife fell in love with someone else. Staiger was deeply hurt. There was no question who had crashed the marriage! They paid a couples therapist 150 euros an hour. “It was too late by then,” Staiger sighs. At home, rags were flying, the children were upset. When the calls from school increased because the first grader was behaving abnormally, the parents pulled the rip cord: “It just didn’t work anymore,” says Staiger.


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