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Children Learning Reading Resources

Keep in mind that they no longer provide DVDs; instead, you receive the audios/videos straight through their membership website.

What will you learn in this review of the Children Learning Reading Program?

INTRODUCTION: What sparked my interest in the program?

WHAT: What exactly is Children Learning Reading?

HOW: How does the Children Learning Reading method operate?

RESOURCES: What tools are included in the program?

COST: What is the price of Children Learning Reading?

PURCHASE: How can you buy Children Learning Reading?

APPLICATION: Is Children Learning Reading an app or computer-based?

DEVELOPERS: Who is behind the Children Learning Reading Program?

TARGET AUDIENCE: Who is this program designed for?

UNIQUENESS: What sets Children Learning Reading apart?

Is it helpful to teach a young child to read?



This article is about children learning reading reviews, Can Children Learning Reading effectively improve your child’s reading skills within a 12-week program? Is it truly possible to teach very young children to read?

And can failing older readers catch up with the Children Learning Reading program?

If you’ve been exploring the Children Learning Reading program, these are likely the thoughts running through your mind.

I can understand because I had similar doubts!

Some of the program’s claims, especially about teaching toddlers to read, seemed quite ambitious!

But I was fascinated, especially after hearing how the program’s creator taught his four children to read using its strategies before the age of 3.

I was also prepared to actively help my child in the process!

In this review of the Children Learning Reading program, I will address all these questions and more, giving a thorough explanation of what the program entails and what you can expect.

After reading this review, I hope you’ll be able to decide whether the Children Learning Reading program is the right choice for you.

Why did I become interested in the Learning Reading Program?

Before diving into the review, I thought it might be helpful to share why I became interested in the Learning Reading Program.

If you’re in a hurry, feel free to skip this part and jump to the “What is the Children Learning Reading program” section.

My choice to explore alternative approaches to reading instruction stemmed from my dissatisfaction with the standard methods applied in schools.


They heavily rely on sight words, memory, and guessing (a detrimental habit for children) without giving proper explanations about the decoding system. children learning reading reviews ,Children as young as 2 years old can learn to read! Reading stimulates intellectual growth, making your baby smarter. Click here to watch a 2-year-old child read.

Regarding phonics instruction, schools tend to focus heavily on the initial letter sound in words!

I noticed in my own home how ineffective (and boring) this method was for teaching a child to read.

Was my child supposed to learn the 30-50K+ words (average adult vocabulary) this way? Really? Besides being torture for the child, is that even feasible?

I decided it was not possible. Common sense seemed to back that notion. Are we supposed to remember all words in English using memory?

Scientists in the visual memory field (unrelated to reading studies) say we lack the cognitive capacity to remember 30-90,000 words for immediate retrieval.

So, my quest for a better solution started.

With numerous tools and programs for teaching children to read, it’s challenging to discern which ones are truly helpful and based on effective principles.

I first tried some famous apps, but they didn’t impress me. children learning reading reviews , They have their place, being fun and somewhat helpful, but not the answer I sought.

By the way, although it may be beside the point, I want to share my opinion of many online tools (especially popular apps). They seem created for fun and pure amusement, lacking solid scientific methodologies. I have nothing against children having fun while learning; I think it’s the best way to learn!

However, if a tool promises to teach children to read and only shows to be “somehow helpful,” that’s a problem.

A couple more points for full disclosure:

My background is in languages and communication. I wanted to learn and master the English decoding system to be a better teacher to my daughter. However, as you’ll see in this review, I don’t think you need a specific background to use this program—just motivation!

Despite living in English-speaking countries for almost 15 years, I am a native Spanish speaker. Why do I mention this? In Spanish, we never use sight words for teaching children to read, only phonics. Spanish, like English, is an alphabet-based language, but it has fewer irregularities and “weird” letter combinations, requiring less systematic and strategic approaches to phonics teaching.

After learning about the decoding system in English, I still think that phonics is the best method for learning to read English. children learning reading reviews , A strong decoding method based on sound phonics principles sets you up for reading success!

And, finally, one last caveat:

My daughter was already 5 years old, so she knew some literacy skills. This program covers these basics, meant to teach children to read from scratch, even very young children.

What is the Children Learning Reading Program?

The Children Learning Reading program is a step-by-step technique that empowers parents to teach their children to read.

It is based in phonics principles and is unique in its ability to teach even very young children to read. children learning reading reviews , As long as your child can speak, this program asserts that it can help you teach your kid to read fluently.

It combines phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics, giving a unique approach not found in other programs.


EXTRA: This program allows me to share a sample of their Phonemic Awareness/Phonics worksheets with you. You can read them here! NOTE: If you choose this program, know that these worksheets are available as an additional one-time purchase. Although the program can be finished without them, they complement the other materials and may be worth considering.

How the Children Learning Reading Program Operates

The program is organized into two stages: the foundational stage and the advanced stage.

Each step includes its own manual and lessons. The lessons are concise, needing 2 to 15 minutes per day for completion.

If the sessions are too lengthy, especially for teaching children to read, you can break them into shorter sessions throughout the day. However, maintaining consistency is important.

The program content provides tips on engaging children in the learning process, which is particularly useful for those with short attention spans, such as very young children.

Moreover, the program is strategically designed so that initial lessons are brief and easily understood for young learners.

The primary goal of Stage #1 is to help your child develop the foundational skills needed for fluent reading. After finishing this stage (comprising 28 lessons), your child will be familiar with letters and their sounds, capable of automatic retrieval. children learning reading reviews , This means they can easily read simple words like CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) or more complex words like CCVC (consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant).


As the program promotes making this retrieval process automatic, by the end of Stage 1, your child should be reading full sentences, simple stories, and rhymes.

Once your child has learned these foundational skills and can decode “simpler” sentences or stories automatically, it’s time to continue to Manual #2.

In Stage #2, your child is systematically introduced to more advanced concepts, including letter combination sounds (e.g., “CH,” “TH,” “SH”), the concept that the same sound can be represented differently (e.g., the /f/ sound in “fan,” “ph” in “photo,” or “gh” in “laugh”), and even more complex concepts like -R controlled words.

The beauty lies in your child building upon the knowledge they already possess, as they are introduced to these more challenging concepts in a systematic, logical sequence. This prevents overwhelming the child with a large amount of new knowledge simultaneously.

Children Learning Reading Official Site!

What Materials Are Included?

The basic package comprises:


Manual #1: Foundational Stage.

Manual #2: Advanced Phonics Stage.

These manuals contain all the information necessary to understand the program and guide you on what to do with your child. The daily lessons are given at the end of each manual.

I must note that the manuals, especially the first one, are extensive, giving a superb explanation of the program’s principles, the scientific evidence supporting this approach, children learning reading reviews , why the system works, and the specific actions you need to take.

While I found this information fascinating and highly valuable (I suggest reading the manuals fully at some point), if you want to start immediately, you don’t need to read the entire manual in one go initially. There are approximately 35 pages that you mustn’t skip before starting, and the creator leads you through them in a video within the membership area.


Lesson Stories for Stage 1: These stories match with your child’s phonics level at this stage, crucial for reinforcing each lesson’s learning without causing overwhelm or confusion.

Lesson Stories for Stage 2: Tailored to your child’s phonics level, these stories play a key role in reinforcing learned ideas without overwhelming or confusing your child.


This component serves as a complete guide for adults, akin to a crash course. It is imperative to ensure that you are accurately teaching your child the right letter sounds. Surprisingly, even educators frequently transfer letter sounds incorrectly, leading to challenges when children attempt to sound out words and blend sounds.


Nursery Rhymes are an excellent way for fostering phonemic awareness in your child. As the name suggests, they swirl around rhymes and playing with sounds, tapping into children’s natural inclination for them. Hence, it is crucial not to underestimate the efficacy of these fairly simple old songs.


This program describes sight words differently from typical high-frequency word lists like Dolch words or Fry words. These sight words, according to the program, contain words with real irregularities or exceptions to the norm, making them indecipherable phonetically. The program aims to minimize the dependence on sight words, reserving memorization for exceptional cases. You might be surprised at how few sight words there are compared to your assumptions.


The premium package incorporates all the aforementioned tools and adds:


These are video recordings showing the program’s creator applying the techniques to teach his child. The total movie duration is 2 hours and 24 minutes. The series documents a 12-week time during which the creator taught his 2.5-year-old toddler, Ethan, to read. The videos offer practical ideas, discussions, and key things to consider.


Exclusive to the premium package, these printouts are deemed important by the reviewer. Despite their seemingly simple look, they serve as a powerful tool. The recommendation is to print them, keep them accessible, perhaps carry them in your pocket, and encourage your child to practice with them whenever a chance arises. Developing this habit, even in short meetings, accumulates over time.


This is a book with colorful illustrations having all the rhymes included in the Stage 2 lessons.

How much does Children Learning Reading Cost?


The standard package costs $69, and the premium plan costs $89.

Additionally, the app offers a 2-week trial for $9.

PRICE UPDATE (December 2023): Children Learning Reading currently offers a special discount, lowering the program’s cost to $39. It is suggested to check the official website for the latest pricing.

Note from the official Children Learning Reading program: “Many resellers of the Children Learning Reading Program claim that they provide special discounts to buyers when buying from their links. children learning reading reviews , Please note that the Children Learning Reading Program does not come with any special discount, other than the ones mentioned on the Children Learning Reading official website itself.”

>> Find the link to the main Children Learning Reading website here.

How to buy the Children Learning Reading Program?

As emphasized in the previous section, the only legitimate way to buy the program is through their official website here.

Upon purchase, you gain instant entry to the program’s membership area, where you can view and download the included materials.


Children Learning Reading is not an app or a computer-based tool. It provides access to materials through a membership area, and these materials are meant to be used offline in short, one-to-one lessons with your child, each lasting approximately 5 minutes. This offline method is considered advantageous.

The program is made by Jim and Elena Yang. Jim, a seasoned literacy teacher, created the program after being dissatisfied with the standard reading instruction methods. Together, they used this method to teach their own children to read before they turned 3 years old. The program is mainly designed for parents with young children between the ages of 2 to 6 years old, but it can also be used with older struggling readers, adjusting the pace as needed.

The uniqueness of the Children Learning Reading program lies in its combination of Phonemic Awareness and Synthetic Phonics concepts. Phonemic Awareness includes the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) in words. This program emphasizes the development of Phonemic Awareness, calling it the first step in learning to read.

Unlike some programs, Children Learning Reading doesn’t force children to clearly memorize phonics rules. The creators, probably recognizing the challenge of young kids memorizing such rules, decided to skip this step. This approach is unique and may be credited to the original design for small children. children learning reading reviews , The program thinks that focusing on Phonemic Awareness, rather than explicit memorization of rules, is crucial for future reading success.

Another distinctive feature is the program’s avoidance of putting too much stress on memorizing phonics rules, as some rules have been found to work in as little as 40% of cases. The creators argue that intellectual maturity is needed for understanding and memorizing such rules. Consequently, Children Learning Reading takes a liberating method by not necessarily teaching explicit phonics rules.

In summary, the program’s uniqueness lies in its combination of Phonemic Awareness and Synthetic Phonics, focus on learning to hear sounds in words, and a non-forceful approach to remembering explicit phonics rules.


Unveiling the Effectiveness of Children Learning Reading: A Comprehensive Review

In the dynamic realm of childhood education, the quest for effective learning tools has led parents to explore various choices. One such program that has gained significant attention is “Children Learning Reading.” In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the nuances of this program, giving insights, reviews, and essential details.

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Children Learning Reading – An Exceptional Reading Program Parents Admire

Introducing phonics rules into the Children Learning Reading program is a personal choice for the reviewer, based on three criteria: the child’s mental readiness for understanding or memorizing the rule, the rule’s practical utility without frequent exceptions, and the child’s mental readiness to grasp it. The reviewer finds these rules beneficial for spelling reasons and offers to share additional helpful phonics rules with those who purchase the program.

Teaching a very young child to read might raise eyebrows among parents and educators, as skepticism surrounds the possibility and effectiveness of such an effort. children learning reading reviews , However, the Children Learning Reading program is designed to work with really young children, addressing concerns such as attention span through small, digestible lessons. Video lessons within the premium package showcase the program being applied to a 2.5-year-old child, giving evidence of its effectiveness.

The advantages of teaching a child to read at a young age are highlighted, including improved development in reading and spelling, a head-start in school, and possibly higher intelligence levels. A crucial caveat is mentioned: trying to teach reading should only occur when the child can speak clearly and express themselves in simple sentences, usually around the age of 2.5 to 3 years.

Pros and cons of Children Learning Reading are outlined:


1. Unique method based on sound synthetic phonics principles and phonemic awareness.

2. Applicable to children from a very early age.

3. Step-by-step lessons meant to be quick and effective.

4. Systematic introduction of phonics to build upon previous information without overwhelming the child.

5. Stories and film lessons included (premium package only).

6. Affordable with good value for money compared to monthly app fees.

7. Focused on teaching the child to read, separate from general literacy tools or games.

8. Comes with a 60-day money-back promise.

9. Positive reviews and happy customers.


1. The program does not include activity worksheets; however, they are offered at an additional cost (around $40).

2. Not explicitly a writing or spelling program, although the child may gain indirectly.

In conclusion, the Children Learning Reading program is regarded as highly beneficial, giving a solid foundation in decoding through phonics and phonemic awareness. The reviewer suggests the program as a valuable investment for teaching a child to read, stressing the importance of consistency for success.

Buy Here (Official Site!)

If uncertainty remains, the reviewer suggests exploring alternatives by referring to their comprehensive post on the Best Learn to Read Phonics Programs in 2022.

In a landscape filled with educational options, “Children Learning Reading” stands out as a comprehensive program dedicated to nurturing early literacy. This review serves as a guide, empowering parents to make informed choices about their child’s educational journey. Embrace the world of Children Learning Reading, where reading becomes an exciting adventure for young minds.

*Affiliate disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through them at no extra cost to you.

Children Learning Reading Reviews – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Children Learning Reading?

Children Learning Reading is a comprehensive program designed to help children improve their reading skills through effective techniques and strategies.

How does Children Learning Reading work?

Children Learning Reading uses a step-by-step approach that includes interactive lessons, activities, and resources to help children develop their reading abilities in a fun and engaging way.

Who can benefit from Children Learning Reading?

Children of all ages and reading levels can benefit from the Children Learning Reading program, whether they are just starting to learn to read or looking to improve their existing skills.

Are there any reviews of Children Learning Reading available?

Yes, there are many reviews of Children Learning Reading available online. These reviews provide insights into the program’s effectiveness and user experiences.

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