Inventory-Free Income: Making Money on Amazon Without Holding Stock


Not having to deal with physical inventory can be a liberating aspect of making money on Amazon. From affiliate marketing to print-on-demand services, here’s a guide on how to generate income on Amazon without the need for inventory.

1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Join the Amazon Associates Program

Enroll in the Amazon Associates program to become an affiliate marketer. Promote products through unique affiliate links and earn commissions for every sale generated through your referrals.

Create Niche Content

Develop content around your chosen niche, such as product reviews, guides, or recommendations. Incorporate affiliate links seamlessly into your content to maximize earning potential.

2. Print-on-Demand

Collaborate with Print-on-Demand Services

Partner with print-on-demand services that integrate with Amazon, like Merch by Amazon or KDP Print. Design custom merchandise, and the service handles printing, shipping, and customer service.

Create Unique Designs

Focus on creating unique and appealing designs for your merchandise. This can include T-shirts, mugs, or other customizable products that resonate with your target audience.

3. Kindle Direct Publishing

Publish Ebooks and Audiobooks

Utilize Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to publish ebooks and audiobooks. You don’t need physical copies, and readers can purchase and download your creations instantly.

Leverage Narration Services

For audiobooks, consider leveraging ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) to connect with narrators. This allows you to offer audiobooks without recording them yourself.

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4. Amazon Influencer Program

Qualify for the Influencer Program

Build a strong social media presence and qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program. Create storefronts with recommended products, earning commissions for sales made through your curated lists.

Showcase Your Lifestyle

Share your lifestyle and expertise on your chosen platform. From fashion to tech, an authentic representation can attract followers and potential buyers.

5. Online Courses and Amazon Ignite

Utilize Amazon Ignite

If you’re an expert in a particular field, create and sell educational resources, lesson plans, or online courses through Amazon Ignite. Share your knowledge without the need for physical inventory.

Engaging Course Content

Develop engaging course content that adds value to your audience. Leverage your expertise to create a course that people are willing to pay for.


Making money on Amazon without inventory is about leveraging the platform’s diverse opportunities. Whether through affiliate marketing, print-on-demand, publishing, influencer programs, or online courses, you can create income streams without the hassle of managing physical stock. Choose the methods that align with your skills and interests to start your inventory-free journey on Amazon.

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  1. How do I become an Amazon affiliate marketer? Sign up for the Amazon Associates program on the Amazon website. Once approved, you can generate affiliate links for products.
  1. Can I use multiple print-on-demand services on Amazon? Yes, you can use multiple print-on-demand services to diversify your product offerings. Ensure they integrate seamlessly with Amazon.
  1. Are there fees for using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)? No, KDP is a free service. Authors can publish ebooks and audiobooks without any upfront costs.
  1. How can I qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program? Build a strong social media presence on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. Focus on creating engaging content and apply for the Influencer Program through the Amazon website.
  1. Can anyone sell courses on Amazon Ignite? Yes, Amazon Ignite is open to educators and content creators. You can create and sell educational resources without physical inventory.

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### Frequently Asked Questions #### Q: What is Amazon FBA? A: Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. It is a service provided by Amazon that enables sellers to store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Amazon then picks, packs, ships, and provides customer service for these products. #### Q: How can I make money on Amazon without holding stock? A: You can make money on Amazon without holding stock by utilizing dropshipping, where you list products for sale that are held by a third-party supplier. When a sale is made, the supplier ships the product directly to the customer. This way, you don’t need to hold inventory or manage shipping yourself. #### Q: What are the advantages of making money on Amazon without holding stock? A: Some advantages include lower startup costs since you don’t need to invest in inventory upfront, reduced risk of holding unsold stock, and the flexibility to offer a wider range of products without the burden of storage and logistics. #### Q: Are there any disadvantages to this model? A: Yes, some disadvantages include lower profit margins due to sharing revenue with the supplier, potential issues with product quality control and shipping times if the supplier is unreliable, and less control over inventory levels and product delivery. #### Q: How can I start making money on Amazon through dropshipping? A: To start dropshipping on Amazon, you need to find reliable suppliers, set up an Amazon seller account, list the products you want to sell, handle customer inquiries and feedback promptly, and continuously optimize your listings for better performance. #### Q: Is dropshipping the only way to make money on Amazon without holding stock? A: No, aside from dropshipping, you can also consider other business models like print on demand, affiliate marketing, or selling digital products to make money on Amazon without holding stock. For the Schema markup, you can follow [Google’s guidelines]( for the FAQPage schema. Here is an example of how you can implement it using Gutenberg editor custom HTML: “`html

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Amazon FBA?

A: Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon…

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