14 Genuine Work From Home Live Chat Jobs Opportunities

In this article you will  learn work from home live chat jobs, Does it make sense to work for LiveChat? Based on over 24 reviews, anonymous employees have given LiveChat an average rating of 4.9% out of 5. 100% of LiveChat employees would recommend the firm to a friend, and 70% are optimistic about the company’s future. This rating has decreased by -2% in the previous year. There is a growing demand for live chat agents, but only some companies that recruit for this position pay a fair wage. work from home live chat jobs uk, Here is a list of the finest legitimate live chat jobs we discovered after conducting extensive research on each organization (as reported by current and former employees).

Work-from-home chat jobs ranked first.

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Until your phone rings, your kids start screaming, your dog starts barking,work from home live chat jobs, and your neighbor decides to mow the lawn, remote customer service jobs sound like a wonderful way to earn money without leaving the house.

Numerous companies now offer work-from-home chat jobs that allow you to assist consumers without picking up the phone if this sounds like a job you would enjoy, continue reading for a list of the best sites to work.

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The 14 Top Chat Careers That Can Be Performed From Home

It is essential to consider that traditional customer service and work-at-home chat jobs share similarities. For the objectives of this article, work from home live chat jobs part time, we are only including companies that regularly hire chat agents and offer most of their jobs via chat.

Sometimes, these positions require employees to provide customer service over the phone. We have indicated whether this is true for each option listed below and omitted those where phone support is a significant part of the job. Check out our list of the top work-from-home customer service jobs for more information.

We ranked the following chat positions based on whether they hire U.S.-based agents, the company’s reputation among employees, and the pay/benefits package offered. Pay information is derived from what employees say about themselves on Reddit, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

#1. Smith.AI

I was answering calls, conversations, and emails for law firms, tech/software companies, e-commerce businesses, and other industries.

In the United States, operators can expect to earn $15 per hour (or $16 if they speak multiple languages). $11 per hour for non-U.S.-based operators.

Employee reviews: The majority of Smith.Ai employee reviews are positive. They claim that the company values its employees and compensates them reasonably.

Visit the Smith.AI careers page to learn how to apply.

Smith.AI assists small and medium-sized businesses with customer calls and emails their overworked in-house support staff needs help managing. Smith.AI employs full-time and part-time virtual receptionists to respond to phone inquiries, chat messages, and emails. Receptionists who work full-time are covered by health insurance.

This is more of a virtual assistant than a live conversation agent position, but we’ve placed it first due to the company’s stellar reputation.

#2. Zapier

You assist users of Zapier’s software with technical issues via email and live chat.

A Customer Champion can expect an annual salary of approximately $45,000, while a Senior Customer Champion can earn more.

Most Zapier employee evaluations are positive, particularly regarding work-life balance and advancement opportunities.

To apply, complete the general inquiry form for potential Zapier employees.

Zapier differs from the other options on this list in that it provides its customer service representatives with numerous benefits, paid time off, and a pleasant work environment. No wonder they have so many satisfied employees and so few available positions. When Zapier hires a Customer Champion, the process is extremely competitive.

#3. Apple

First and foremost, you will assist customers with Apple products and applications.

The expected hourly wage is roughly $20.

According to employee evaluations, Apple’s live chat agents appreciate the company’s culture and pay rates. There is also an employee stock plan and insurance.

Visit Apple’s support and service employment page for application instructions.

If you’re seeking a full-time chat support position with benefits, becoming an Apple At-Home Support Advisor (also known as a chat support specialist) could be a viable option. However, gaining a foothold at Apple so that you can advance within the organization is unlikely. According to multiple reviews, customer support employees have limited company advancement opportunities.

#4. Amazon

Assist customers with their Amazon purchases and service requests. You assist with device returns, technical support, device connections, etc.

The expected hourly wage is $15.

According to employee evaluations, Amazon has high standards for its employees but also provides excellent training and has a positive company culture.

Visit Amazon’s customer service associates career page and read our Amazon work-from-home employment guide to learn more about the available positions.

Amazon employs conversation agents in multiple countries and more than a dozen languages. They also provide computer apparatus, which could be a viable option even if your tech setup could be improved. Verify that you can connect to the internet via a wired connection at the specified speeds. You may also be required to handle customer service calls.

#5. OutPlex

OutPlex provides call and messaging support for various businesses,work from home live chat jobs,  including those in the healthcare, retail, financial, travel, and broadband industries.

Hourly pay was anticipated to be $12.50.

According to employee reviews, employees appreciate the laid-back atmosphere and the ability to schedule breaks. Nevertheless, customer service can be demanding.

Visit the outlet careers website for application information.

OutPlex employs chat support agents who specialize in a variety of disciplines. They also employ bilingual support personnel; you can type more slowly if you speak both English and Spanish. live chat agent jobs work from home, You must use a Windows computer to be an outlet agent (sorry, Apple users).

#6. LiveWorld

Through social media, LiveWorld chat agents communicate with customers of large companies such as Walmart.

$10 to $12 per hour was to be anticipated.

Agents at LiveWorld appreciate the ability to work from home but would like more hours and benefits.

Visit the LiveWorld human resources page for application instructions.

At LiveWorld, major corporations will communicate with you via direct social media messages. You will interact with customers, escalate issues, reject or approve posts, and more. Due to its reliance on social media platforms, prior experience is required.

#7. Workers converse on-site

SiteStaff employs professionals in numerous disciplines, including senior living, law, finance, and home care.

There is limited and contradictory information regarding SiteStaff compensation. One blog states that the hourly wage is $10 but needs to specify where it obtained this figure. In contrast, Indeed only provides salary information for $40K–$45K per year, double this amount.

Employee reviews: We needed more employee assessments to summarize them.

Visit SiteStaff’s employment page to learn how to apply.

SiteStaff asserts that its chat administrators are college-educated and proficient in English. live chat wfh jobs, SiteStaff chat operators must also be courteous, as the company operates in sensitive sectors such as senior care. They also have a few available positions in their Denver division.

#8. Arise

As a freelancer on the Arise platform, you select your consumers from any industry.

$10 to $21 per hour can be anticipated (varies by client).

Arise’s employee ratings are all over the map. Some agents enjoy choosing their hours, while others complain about technical difficulties and poor, unpaid training.

You can begin searching for consumers by registering for the Arise platform.

Arise differs from other work-at-home chat support companies in providing a platform that other customer service companies can use. live chat support jobs work from home uk,You sign up for Arise and establish your home-based call center.

There is no free trial for freelancers, who must pay $39.95 per month to use their platform. Arise publishes a list of prospective clients on a bulletin board, allowing you to contact businesses requiring chat support services. Similar to how freelancers utilize Upwork.

#9. Site123

As a Sales Chat Specialist, you are responsible for developing customer relationships, responding to their technical inquiries, and increasing sales.

We could not locate sufficient information to provide a ballpark figure for the salary of a Sales Chat Specialist.

Employee reviews: We needed more employee assessments to summarize them.

Visit Site123’s careers page to learn more.

Site123 is an Israeli corporation that produces a website-building platform. As a Sales Chat Specialist, you will assist consumers with website-building inquiries. For this position, web development experience is required. Additionally, knowing additional languages is advantageous (both spoken and computer). Even though this is a global organization, you will observe a standard American weekday.

#10. ModSquad

The ModSquad is responsible for content regulation in Discord broadcasts, video games, virtual worlds, and the metaverse.

You can anticipate earning between $8 and $9 per hour as an independent contractor.

According to employee reviews, ModSquad does not pay as well as a typical call center position, and workers must fight for sufficient hours.

Visit the ModSquad careers page for application information.

Since ModSquad has been a small company since 2007, you can handle that chat employment will be converted to an office-based position,work from home chat jobs, as is common in this industry.

Agents of ModSquad moderate a variety of web content, including social media platforms, web forums, and message boards. The pay varies depending on your assignment but is typically lower than other chat-based jobs.

#11. Ginger

Communicate with individuals who use the Ginger app to improve their mental health.

The expected hourly wage is $25 to $27.

Most Ginger coaches are satisfied with their employment, but some are dissatisfied with their supervisors or the job requirements.

Refer to the Ginger application page for more information.

Recently, the meditation app Headspace and the chat app Ginger joined forces to provide mental health care via communication. This includes everything from teaching people how to deal with stress to therapy, so only trained and licensed mental health practitioners are eligible for this work-from-home chat position.

#12. The Forum for Conversation

You will answer multiple company chat inquiries and maintain up to three active chat sessions.

$10 to $12 per hour was to be anticipated.

The Conversation Shop has a positive reputation among all of its employees. work from home live chat jobs, The majority of complaints are about excessive work and inadequate pay.

You can search for jobs on this site,live chat jobs from home uk, but ensure you understand their dos and don’ts before applying.

The Chat Shop is a United Kingdom-based corporation that employs individuals from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas. Their standards for penmanship are quite high. You must be able to type at a rate of 65 words per minute with an accuracy of 97%. In addition, they believe that this number will increase to 80 syllables per minute after training.

#13. CrowdChat

Conversations with customers in tourism, automobile sales, and law sectors.

The salary range is $27,000 to $32,000 per year.

According to some employee reviews posted online, CrowdChat occasionally has difficulty paying its employees on time.

Complete the application form to become a CrowdChat agent.

CrowdChat employs individuals who converse in both French and English. working from home chat jobs, It operates out of Québec. CrowdChat focuses on converting chats into sales, so if you work as a chat operator, you may answer support inquiries, educate individuals about a product or service, and attempt to make a sale.

#14. Support.Com

In various industries, provide customer service, technical support, and content moderation.

$9 to $12 per hour could be anticipated.

According to reviews from Support.com employees, most customer service representatives are unhappy with their employment. They believe they need more tension and more funds.

Visit the Support.com careers page for application instructions.

Support.com employs a network of remote chat agents for consumer and technical support. Due to their existence since 1997, they have a vast and extensive reach. The company operates in various industries, including healthcare, games and entertainment, financial technology, and the government. They provide technical support, generate leads, maintain game functionality, and retain consumers.

How to Use Job Search Websites to Locate Conversational Agent Positions

This can be challenging because each company has a unique appellation for chat agent positions. You may be searching for positions such as home conversation agent, customer success specialist, customer champion, or customer service representative. Click here to view our suggested search terms.

Here are some tips to help you discover work-from-home chat-based jobs.

First tip: When searching, append “Remote” to the location.

On most websites, you can select “remote” as your location or browse for work-from-home positions. If the website does not have a filter for remote employment, you should look for one.

Second tip: Read the full job description.

Many customer service jobs can only be performed via chat, but not all of them will specify this in the job title, which may be “Customer Service Representative.” This is challenging because many chat jobs require you to assist customers via phone and email.

Use CTRL + F (or COMMAND + F on a Mac) to rapidly search the job listing for the word “chat” (or “phone” if you prefer not to speak on the phone).

Utilize the appropriate websites to search for employment.

Not all job platforms offer work-from-home opportunities. If you wish to work from home as a chat host, the three finest websites are:

FlexJobs: This website is all about telecommuting. All job postings on the website are manually verified for authenticity. A monthly fee and a paid side are included. You can peruse the job postings for free but must register to view the application information. In our FlexJobs review, you’ll find additional information and a discount code.

Indeed is one of the largest online job search engines, offering various remote chat positions. Due to the site’s size, you will need to conduct research. Indeed is an excellent resource for finding chat employment with a single company, unlike an agency that employs chat operators for multiple clients.

LinkedIn is a social networking site that helps individuals locate employment. To effectively utilize LinkedIn’s features, you must create a profile, which can take some time. You can then apply for multiple positions with a few clicks. You can also create an alert that will notify you when a job that meets your requirements is posted. Most people view LinkedIn as a site for people with employment, but there are also many job postings for those who wish to work remotely.

Utilize appropriate search terms (Tip 4)

Not all jobs involving online communication have the same title. Here is a list of common search terms you can use to broaden your job search and ensure you don’t overlook any opportunities:

The operator of the conversation

Talk positions

Administrator of conversation

Help desk employees with chat

Providing service to clients

Customer service

Agent for house visits

Agent for real-time instant messaging (or just chat agent)

The administrator of live conversation

Online support specialist

Chat employment available at home

Work-at-home conversation jobs: Frequently Requested Information

What are the various occupations that entail chat support?

Technical support/troubleshooting, sales, content moderation (on social media, games, and forums), and customer service are the most common chat support professions. There is a great deal of overlap between these categories, and in most chat jobs, you will perform multiple.

How much technology is required to provide messaging support?

Expect a wired (ethernet) internet connection (even reliable Wi-Fi is typically too unreliable) and a computer with a modern operating system. If helping people over the phone is part of your employment, you will also need a quality headset. working from home live chat jobs, Occasionally, these instruments are provided for you. However, you will typically need to carry your equipment.

Are there schemes to avoid when working from home as a chat agent?

Some legitimate work-at-home chat positions are available, but there are also many dubious ones. Before joining a company, research it on Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook, Reddit, and anywhere else where you can find honest reviews. Recognize the signs of possible fraud. If something appears too good to be true, it almost always is.

Is there a messaging company that you should avoid?

Both blatant fraud artists and companies pose as legitimate but do not fulfill their promises on the internet (or are just awful places to work). Based on what we’ve learned, here are a few well-known companies that you should avoid.

– ECS Virtual Support. At least a dozen individuals have reported that they were not paid.

– Concentrix. There are numerous negative comments about the company on Reddit, and a class-action lawsuit has been filed against it for failing to pay overtime. work from home chat jobs near me, In addition, it is unclear whether Concentrix has any customer service positions that only entail chat (most require some phone interactions).

– CloudWorkers. This company pays chat operators per message to converse with dating site users so that they continue to use the platform. It’s the same as getting paid to fish.

— Online Moderators. Adult chat site that Scam Advisor believes may be a hoax. Our research uncovered no employee reviews or compensation, so it may be best to avoid this company.

Final Thoughts on Work-at-Home Conversational Positions

Online chat has become the most popular method for customers to contact a business, so the demand for careers involving chat will continue to increase. work from home live chat jobs, The good news is that many full-time and part-time jobs are available if you want to work as a chat agent from home.

You can create a successful career in online chat without having to commute, shave, talk on the phone, or even change out of your pajamas.

Freelance author and editor Jenni Sisson writes about business, technology, and personal finance. Sisson has launched a variety of side enterprises. He has sold maple syrup, taught piano, transcribed medical records, sold on eBay, and performed mystery purchasing, among other endeavors.

Visit the Support.com careers page for application instructions.

FAQs about Genuine Work From Home Live Chat Jobs

What are genuine work from home live chat jobs?

Genuine work from home live chat jobs are opportunities for individuals to provide customer support, assistance, or sales guidance through live chat platforms from the comfort of their own homes. These jobs typically involve interacting with customers in real-time to address inquiries, resolve issues, or facilitate sales transactions.

Where can I find genuine work from home live chat jobs?

Genuine work from home live chat jobs can be found on various online job boards, freelance platforms, and company websites. It’s essential to research and verify the legitimacy of the job postings and the companies offering them to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy.

What qualifications or skills are required for genuine work from home live chat jobs?

Qualifications and skills required for genuine work from home live chat jobs may vary depending on the specific job requirements and industry. However, common qualifications may include strong communication skills, proficiency in written language, multitasking abilities, problem-solving skills, and customer service experience.

How can I ensure that work from home live chat jobs are genuine?

To ensure that work from home live chat jobs are genuine, it’s essential to research the company offering the job, read reviews and testimonials from current or former employees, verify contact information and credentials, and be cautious of job postings that promise high earnings with minimal effort or investment.

What are the benefits of genuine work from home live chat jobs?

Genuine work from home live chat jobs offer various benefits, including flexibility in work hours and location, the opportunity to work remotely from home or any location with internet access, potential for competitive pay and benefits, and the ability to develop valuable communication and customer service skills.

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