A Review of Astrology TV (2024)

Personal horoscopes for all the important questions in life

In a Nutshell: Astrology TV offers a wide range of free and high-quality personalized video astrological reports, horoscopes, and tarot readings that can be added right away online or through email. It also has an affiliate partnership with the psychic reading platform Keen, which lets customers choose a reader for a live reading in character. The website has the biggest monthly audience for astrology and tarot content and is a leading media logo.[1]

Best for people who are interested in astrology

There are a lot of free readings and reports to choose from.

Reports can be put online right away or sent by email, and they can be saved.

Astrology TV Go to the Website


Astrology and tarot readings are done with software instead of real people.

There are no refunds or guarantees of satisfaction for virtual readings.

TV channel for astrology

Astrology TV – Visit Site It’s Already in the Cards

What does it cost to watch Astrology TV?

Astrology TV offers virtual readings that can be sent to you after you fill out personal information like your birth date, time, and place. These include horoscopes for the year or month, tarot cards, love ratings, and reviews of how well two people get along. Prices change, and right now they range from $6.95 to $24.95.

Astrology TV has teamed up with Keen so that people can get live psychic readings. As part of Keen’s best introductory offer, new customers can choose between 10 minutes for $1.99 or 3 minutes for free. After this initial discount, Keen psychics charge between $2.99 and $30+ per minute.

Astrology TV also has a subscription called Astrology TV+, which includes:

Daily horoscopes based on your birth chart and an astrology calendar that syncs with your phone. Horoscopes for the week and the year

Full moon readings every month and daily updates on the most important astrological events

If you choose to pay once a year instead of every month, your subscription comes with a free 30-minute live chart reading with an astrologer, which is worth $100.

The best ways to pay

Visa \sMasterCard

Prices and Special Deals for American Express, Discover, and Diners Club

How prices are set

Packages for subscriptions Costs for subscriptions

Welcome to Deals

Flat prices range from $6.95 to $24.95 per digital reading

Yes, $29.97 every three months, $99 a year, or $179 every two years.


Is Astrology TV a real show?

How does the logo show screen readers what they can do?

On Astrology TV, psychic readings are done with the help of Keen psychics. Click on the link above to find out more about Keen and how it makes its readers feel.

Do the psychics on Astrology TV work for the group?

Astrology TV does not have its own devoted readers. Digital reports are written by the company’s astrology team, and then they are made by a piece of software. Live psychic readings are executed via Astrology TV’s associate partnership with Keen.

How do customers feel approximately Astrology TV?

Astrology TV users seem to be very happy with it as a whole. There is so much unfastened content material at the website that users can get the rewards of the internet site while not having to buy anything. Astrology and tarot fans can both get a lot out of browsing, and the virtual reports are usually very accurate and detailed, which makes for a happy customer.

Astrology TV: How to Get Started

How hard is it to get involved?

It’s very easy to sign up for Astrology TV+. Click on the red button that says “Join Astrology+” in the upper right corner of the site. After you enter your personal information, you will be taken to a checkout page where you can enter your payment information and create an Astrology TV account with a username and password. This could be the account manager’s login information.

An example of an astrology TV package deal

If you want to get information from Astrology TV for free, you may also be able to sign up for the website’s free daily e-newsletter. There may be a pink “Subscribe” button at the bottom of the home page. You can choose which subscriptions you want to sign up for. There are 13 to choose from, like Daily Love Tarot, Daily Horoscope, and Daily Chinese Horoscope.

What personal information do you need to give?

Customers need to give their first name, gender, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, email address, and credit card information to buy a virtual reading or sign up for an Astrology+ subscription (prison call, cope with, and cellphone quantity).[2]

What kinds of pricing plans are standard?

Astrology TV only takes credit cards at the moment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and J.B. Credit Card Solutions).

Astrology TV Go to the Website

The Tools and Features of Astrology TV

  • A lot of predictions (Daily, weekly, month-to-month, )
  • Informative Articles and classes about Tarot 101 and Astrology 101
  • Reports on compatibility (work, love, and Chinese)
  • Free psychic and fortune-telling games
  • Detailed calendar for astrology
  • How to Choose an Astrology TV Reader
  • Astrology TV’s different kinds of readings
  • Astrology TV offers readings based on astrology, tarot cards, and spirituality.

Readings based on astrology include:

  • Premium Horoscopes for Each Month
  • Love Compatibility Report Based on Your Birth Horoscope
  • Career Report Personal Transitions Every 12 Months
  • Report on the Moon and on Karma
  • Love Score 2022 Karma Love Report Year’s Best Horoscope Vedic Horoscope \syear Chinese Horoscope

Daily horoscopes that list all the signs of the Zodiac

Tarot readings involve:

Tarot Card: Tree of Life

Tarot of Angels: One Year Reading the Tarot

Chakra Love Tarot Reading Reading the Tarot

Tarot Reading for Soulmate

Make a Wish Tarot \sLove Reading the Tarot

Yes/No Tarot

Past, Present, and Future

There is also a numerology forecast for the year.

Astrology TV no longer has any live psychics on staff, but it has a partnership with Keen to offer psychic readings. Keen offers a wide range of psychic readings, including astrology and tarot, which Astrology TV users tend to like the most.[3]

What kind of virtual file information is available?

Before buying a virtual report from Astrology TV, you can see examples of what the finished product will look like. Most pattern astrology reports have about five pictures that you can look at to see if the facts will be useful for them. For tarot readings, you click on the tarot deck in the upper left corner to choose the cards yourself.

From there, a full list is made with all the information about what the chosen cards mean. In both astrology and tarot virtual reviews, there is also a short paragraph that explains what is included in the reading, including the question that the reading is meant to answer.

Are there reviews of the virtual reports written by buyers?

No. There are no reviews of the digital reports that Astrology TV offers. Before you buy a report, all you need to do is look at the sample pictures on the site.

How easy is it to set up a Video  reading?

It’s very easy to buy a reading on Astrology TV. Click “Shop” at the top of the website, and then choose the kind of reading they want to buy. After putting in personal information that was used to figure out the analysis, a person can add the digital file to their cart. If the user already has an account, they can log in to use their saved fee information.

If not, you can make a new account to store reports you’ve bought. Most readings are ready to go right away or are emailed within a few hours.[4]

Participants can shop at the Astrology TV store

How do you get in touch with Astrology TV experts?

Astrology TV readings are only available as virtual readings sent through email. Through Keen’s platform, you can get live psychic readings by phone, chat, or mail.

Is there an app for Astrology TV?

Yes. Astrology TV’s horoscopes are available as apps in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This free app gives horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs every day, every week, every month, and every year. Even so, it should be noted that there are a lot of bad reviews in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store about how the app doesn’t give good horoscopes and often crashes.

How does the app for Astrology TV work?

The app is pretty simple, but it is colorful and appealing. When you open the app, a web of bubbles of each zodiac sign appears. You can click on their signal bubble, which will take them to the next screen. From there, you can see their daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly horoscope for the day before, today, or tomorrow.

The Astrology TV app for Android

Other things you can do with the app include checking out the Love Match tool, which tells you if two signs are compatible and gives you information about each sign in the “About” section. You can set your notifications to send your daily horoscope in the Settings & Feedback section. In this section, you can also send feedback about the app, share it with a friend, write a review for the app store, or go straight to Astrology TV.

Help and Assistance

Astrology TV doesn’t have a lot of customer service to offer. At the very bottom of the website is a “Contact Us” page, but it’s for customers who want to send feedback instead of asking for help. Customers must fill out a subject line, their name, their email address, and a summary of their comment or question on the online contact form (restricted to 255 characters). There are no records about how long it will take to get a response after it has been sent.

Under Astrology TV’s privacy policy, there is an email address (privateness@horoscope.com) and a phone number (415-615-9028) for any technical questions, rules, ideas, or suggestions about the website or how they deal with customers. If a user thinks that the website’s rules are being broken, they can email Astrology TV at legal@horoscope.com or send mail to Horoscope.Com, Inc., Attn: General Counsel, 182 Howard Street #826, San Francisco, CA 94105, U.S.A.[5]

Astrology TV: How to Get Your Money Back

Astrology TV does not say anything about refunds or guaranteed happiness.

How easy or hard is it to ask for your money back?

Astrology TV wouldn’t give refunds for the services it provides. If you want to try to get one, you might want to fill out the online Contact Us form at the bottom of the site and explain your problem.

How long until I get my money back?

Astrology TV no longer has a money-back guarantee, and digital orders may not be refunded at all.

How Astrology TV is different from other sites that offer psychic readings

Astrology TV does not, without a doubt, offer psychic readings. Instead, it charges a flat fee for astrological advice and tarot readings. If you’re looking for personalized psychic readings, you should try either Keen or Kasamba, which are the two main competitors. The reviews on Astrology TV are made by a computer and sent to you by email. This is helpful, but if you want to talk to someone about the questions you have, it won’t be the best choice.

Pricing Special Offers Booking a Reading

Astrology TV and Horoscope.Com

Flat fees for Keen Kasamba range from $6.95 to $24.95 per virtual reading.

Flat price, between $7.99 and $24.99, according to virtual reading

$1.99 – $30 / min.

$1 – $30 / min.

Email Phone, chat, mail, and email

Call, chat, or write.

Occasional sales on virtual reports


The first 3 minutes are free and the next 10 minutes cost $1.99.

3 free minutes and as much as $50 off the first session (up to 70% off).

TV for astrology

TV for astrology

Astrology TV Go to the Website

Horoscope.Com vs. Astrology TV

The services offered by Astrology TV and Horoscope.com are very similar, but there are a few differences. Astrology TV focuses more on the zodiac, with articles about the characteristics of each sign and how to get started with astrology readings. Horoscope.com, on the other hand, has a wider range of article topics, from crystal recovery to how to start reading the tarot. Horoscope.Com has more free content, but Astrology TV has a subscription service that gives paid subscribers personalized premium content like customized horoscopes, reports on the new and full moons, and a 30-minute natal chart reading with an astrologer. Astrology TV’s website is also better designed than Horoscope.com, which is hard to use because ads pop up all the time.

Keen vs. Astrology TV

Keen works as an associate partner with Astrology TV. Astrology TV has a subscription plan that includes personalized horoscopes, full moon readings, and a 30-minute session with an astrologer, but it no longer has live psychic readers. So, Astrology TV tells people who want psychic readings to go to Keen. Keen has a huge range of services, from intuitive counselors to experts who can read your dreams and love psychics. There are a lot of options on Keen for people who want to get a reading, but the virtual reports on Astrology TV are great for people who are able to learn on their own. This makes the two sites a good pair.

Astrology TV vs Kasamba

Astrology TV takes a different approach to astrology and tarot readings, as the name suggests. Kasamba, on the other hand, offers a wide range of services, such as air of mystery readings, beyond existence readings, and even palm readings, besides to astrology, tarot, and numerology readings. The main difference is that Astrology TV’s readings are done digitally and sent through e-mail, while a Kasamsa reading is done with a psychic reader. So, there is a big price difference between the sites. Personal readings on Astrology TV cost between $7 and $25, while readings on Kasamba can cost anywhere from $1 to $30 per minute. Kasamba is better for people who want answers to specific questions right away. Astrology TV, on the other hand, is a cheap way for people who want to learn more about astrology or tarot on their own.

TV for astrology

Astrology TV has a lot of information about astrology and the tarot. For small price  a year, you can get all the astrological information you need to be successful sent right to your inbox, plus a free 30-minute session with a professional astrologer. People who want a cheaper option can choose from a dozen readings on the website that can be sent to them almost immediately via email. This is a great option for people who want advice they can go back to again and again at a low-cost reading, as opposed to an in-person reading with a psychic consultant, which could take a lot of time (and money) to cover everything that each file well-knownshows.

This website is a great place for beginning astrologers and tarot card readers to get free Video lessons from the articles, instructions, and free horoscopes that are available. Astrologers with more experience can use features like the astrological calendar and weekly articles about things like house placement, asteroids, fixed stars, and more. Astrology TV has something for everyone, as long as you’re willing to do a little digging, because the site isn’t laid out in a way that makes it easy to find things. be aware that there may not be any real customer service or a money-back guarantee.

Astrology TV Go to the Website

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