Are you looking for a reviews? Is it a scam or legit?

There are hundreds of ways to make money online. You can make money by promoting other people’s products online, by running your own shop, by completing surveys for money, or by using freelance work.

Reviewing applications and products is one way to make money online.

If you have seen the advertisement,write app reviews legit, you might be interested to know if you can make money from writing app reviews.

Some of the readers found and asked me to write a review. So I’ve been doing some thorough research over the past week so I can tell you if this is a scam or not.

If you feel that is not for you, writeappreviews com review, I will also offer you an alternative at the end of this review.

Write App Reviews Reviews – Takeaway

Product name: Write App Reviews


Special Offer: Get a special offer here

Product price: $27 + upsells

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

Who is Write App Reviews for: Anyone who wants to make money online

synopsis platform is an online website that earns you extra money by reviewing apps. It is a website where registered members select and test different apps and submit their report. It is quite easy to understand how this happens. For example, a member should rate, link and share the app on the web to get more views from others. After that, the member will be paid provided that there was a useful and detailed answer. The platform has social media sharing features that work properly immediately after a member completes the rating process. It’s best to be smart because the more apps tested, the more income a participant gets. Also, more and more apps are coming out over time, giving members more opportunities to write reviews.

The site at a glance

This product shows ways to discover the hottest apps of the day.

It offers a safe way to add something new to the site.

It creates a few ways to spot trends in the market so you know what’s needed and when to launch it.

Shows how to open the app and follow the rules and regulations.

Reveals the secrets of pricing on the site.

Why choose

There’s no doubt at all. This platform is serious. It pays actual affiliate money and no points or rewards that may never materialize in the end. However, rest assured that the members of the platform are able to earn income by providing feedback. The site also advertises creating real reviews for its real employees – the members. Therefore, no professionalism is expected as if you are paid to promote the company. In other words, basic English skills are required to write reviews and get paid for it. You don’t need perfect grammar or a writing expert. This site has become famous in this digital fallacy. You will likely find others buying products they don’t know why they bought them. However, is an incredible product that is purchased by many customers for their needs. As we speak, a good number of customers have given positive feedback, and it is highly recommended.

How the platform works

How does Write App Reviews work?

Writing app reviews allows you to earn money by rating apps. The process is quick and easy.

Step 1. Set up your app review website

Step 2. Test apps and write reviews

Step 3. Get Paid!

What you need to do is:

Step 1. Set up your app review website

With an app review website that is DFY, you can post those reviews and make money from advertising, signups, and downloads.

The website is basically complete and requires no programming, no design and no hosting.

In this first step, all you have to do is sign up with ClickBank and JVZoo (affiliate marketplaces).

Step 2. Test applications and write reviews

Once you have completed the first step, you can access and rate a database of apps by logging into your Write App Reviews website.

In this database you will find a wide range of apps.

You can rate an app on your phone or tablet by choosing one that interests you.

If you decide to rate an app, you will be given access to an edit page. All you have to do is write a review and rate the app from 1 to 5.

Your goal is to rank your reviews on search engines to get free organic traffic. You need at least 500 or more words for each review.

Your review will be published on your Write App Reviews website once you click the publish button.

Step 3. Get paid

Write App Reviews offers three ways to make money. Your ad banners are clicked, emails are registered or your app is downloaded.

To get started, you need to create an affiliate account with ClickBank and JVZOO.

When you use the app rating system, your Clickbank ID or JVZoo ID will appear on every banner ad on your website, email list and app download button.

When a user performs any of these three activities on your site, you can get paid for it.

You will find Write App Reviews banners on your website directing users to ClickBank and JVZoo products.

If someone buys these products through your links, you will receive a commission.

The other two methods are the same. You earn money when someone subscribes to your list and clicks on your offers.

Also, you earn money when a person clicks on your website to download an app.

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Can you really make money writing app reviews?

Yes, it is possible to make money from app reviews. However, there is no guarantee that you will make money from it.

First of all, you need to get traffic to your website so that you can make money.

In order to get free traffic, publishers must publish app reviews for certain keywords like “app name + rating”.

To get the attention of Google and other search engines, you should write 50-100 app reviews.

Oddly enough, writing app reviews doesn’t teach you how to do search engine optimization (SEO). It follows that it is very unlikely that your reviews will rank in Google if you are not experienced in SEO.

Search engine optimization is an extremely complex subject that requires specialized knowledge and skills. You can’t just post a review and hope it will appear in the SERPs right away.

If you lack SEO skills, it will be difficult to attract traffic to your website.

You don’t make money from writing app reviews if nobody looks at your reviews! is a site that customers want. A major benefit of the site is that you can access the app immediately after signing up. You can also download the app or use it directly online. It also has a function that allows you to enjoy music or videos. There are live questions with answers one would like to know about the WriteApp. For beginners, there are various beauty tips that make it easier to get started. You don’t need to worry because the different work steps are explained with illustrations. Also, there are multiple styles of the platform that will help in choosing the appropriate style.

Is the platform a scam?

This question may be a mystery. is writeappreviews legit, But is she real or just a scam? Well, this platform has caused many scammers to create fake accounts. This is a big problem because some customers lose money by buying from such scammers. Therefore, customers need to be careful when signing up. Also, it is highly recommended to do some further research before visiting any website.

 Be careful.write app reviews legit, Stay away from websites claiming to work for the website even though their website is a pure scam created by software. Again, a fake website is spammed on social media. Make sure you buy from the official website. For emphasis, do proper research to join the legitimate platform and start earning extra.

Write app reviews pros and cons

Write App Reviews Benefits

You get a cool website for app reviews

You will be guided through the process step by step

The cost of writing app reviews is $27 (with 60 days refund)

Write App Reviews Cons

The Write App Reviews sales funnel is filled with hidden upsells

Promotional and sales material is overrated

The product does not contain any information about the creator

Comprehensive SEO training is not available

If you don’t know how to use SEO, you will never rank well for reviews.

It’s a rehash of App Coiner

Get a special offer and instant access here

Is Write App Reviews worth it?

The Write App Reviews platform is not expensive. You might think it’s not worth it when you expect more training and support for $27.

The backend contains some products, but there are many upsells. Some people might be bothered by it.

Also, Write App Reviews doesn’t teach you how to get traffic to your website. A website and reviews that contain affiliate links are worthless if nobody clicks on them.

Write App Reviews would be much better if they offered in-depth SEO training and cut down on upsells.

Is Write App Reviews a scam?

I can’t say Write App Reviews is a scam. At first glance it seems promising. But there are many problems that make it not a very attractive product.

To learn more about the platform, you can try it. But don’t expect too much for $27 because the platform isn’t that good that you would like it.

Also, you will be surrounded by constant upselling from other products. This is a common practice in the online marketing world where online marketers are trying to increase their profit margins.

However, given the cheap price and value that Write App Reviews offers, I can’t say it’s a scam.

The advantages of the platform

The following are some of the benefits one gets from writing reviews on the website;

The platform offers the hottest apps for members daily.

There is an automatic rating feature that allows you to just write.

A separate website is created for each member and automatically hosted on the website.

The platform also monetizes the reviews for members after work.

The site has a continuous flow of dozens of the hottest apps every day, so there are more writing opportunities.

If you have any questions, there is personal support from a special support group.

Unlimited apps to try and review.

Payment by check and direct deposit.

Quick and instant access; You can start working immediately after logging in.


WriteApp is cheap and affordable considering the profit, ease and trust.

Improves your financial status.

It helps to achieve one’s goals in a limited time.

It does not require professionalism, except for basic knowledge of grammar.

You can get advice from friends and family via the platform.


There are chances of fake websites scamming the buyers.

The bottom line website is a platform that generates great income. It is very convenient because anyone can join from anywhere, all you need is your phone/computer and basic English writing skills. Creating an account to get started is very simple. Also, any issues encountered during sign-up can be resolved through the platform’s dedicated support team. This product is highly recommended for people who want to work and earn an income. It is effortless to use. To illustrate, write a review, tap the link, and share with friends for more views then get your money. Indeed, it is a safe quality product and well worth it. Customers rate it highly. So if you want to register to start earning money as a member, go to the website and sign up.

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