Beginner Piano Books For Adults Free & Children (Pdf, Free)

Are you looking for piano sheet music for beginners and/or for children, as a PDF to print out yourself? In the jungle of sheet music it can be difficult to find sheet music that is simple enough and still sounds good . For this purpose,Piano sheet music for beginners & children (PDF, free), I have created a small top 7 list here to help you with that.

When you’re just starting out, it’s important not to practice wrong technique, but to adopt a healthy playing style right from the start . For this purpose I have made my eBook “Piano Playing: The Perfect Technique in 45 Minutes” available free of charge.

And in case you’re wondering where I can find all the sheet music, at this link you’ll find my collection of the best piano sheet music resources on the internet.

Piano sheet music for beginners/kids with PDF links

beginner piano books for adults free & children (PDF, free), The following pieces are very easy to learn and sound very nice at the same time. Various styles of music are represented: musical, pop, classical – there is something for everyone. And the sheet music is free, these are all free links. Have fun practicing!


From the musical «Cats»

written by Andrew Lloyd Webber

and arranged by Lea Jade

The left hand is arranged very simply, perfect for children to take their first steps and to practice reading music. Everyone knows the melody and it is fun to play.

➡︎ Link to sheet music (PDF)

2. Prelude Op. 28 No. 7

by Frederic Chopin

arranged by Lea Jade

Chopin’s works are very popular and at the same time also known for the fact that you can break your teeth with them for months to years. Anyone interested in classical music will be delighted with this extremely simple yet beautiful arrangement.

➡︎ Link to sheet music (PDF)

Own notes instead of buying them

By the way: I’m a big fan of the “Oktav” sheet music platform , which offers a huge selection of sheet music for a small fee and always suggests new pieces that suit your style and level . I put it through its paces for you:

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3. Prelude in C major, BWV 846

by Johann Sebastian Bach

from the “Well-Tempered Clavier”

Back then, Bach had written a prelude and a fugue for each of the 24 keys, with the level of difficulty covering a wide range. Certain pieces from the Well- Tempered Clavier are virtually unplayable and others – like the Prelude in C major – are perfect for beginners.

➡︎ Link to sheet music (PDF)

4. For Elise

by Ludwig van Beethoven

To this day it is not known who Elise was back then , but everyone knows the play. However, I would recommend a beginner only the first page up to the repeat sign, because the second part is technically more demanding.

➡︎ Link to sheet music (PDF)

5. The Sound of Silence

by Simon and Garfunkel

We know this 60s hit (with a remarkable history, by the way, see here ) primarily as a two-part folk song with guitar accompaniment, but it also sounds wonderful on the piano. The arrangement presented here is particularly interesting because the vocal melody is played with the left hand and the imitation of the guitar accompaniment with the right.

➡︎ Link to sheet music (PDF)

6. Blue Moon

by Richard Rodgers

Jazz Standard

arranged by Robert Schultz

This song is well known in both the jazz and pop scenes and embodies the classic swing feeling that can usually only be reproduced on the piano with some practice. However, this very easy arrangement also sounds at least as swingy, and the melody will still be whistled hours later.

➡︎ Link to sheet music (PDF)

7. Amazing Grace

Origin unknown

19th century

hymn arranged by Julie A. Lind

Amazing Grace could be the most popular hymn . Even people who don’t have much to do with the church (including myself) admit: “It’s something”. And the arrangement for beginners is very rich in sound and practice material for the left and right hand.

➡︎ Link to sheet music (PDF)

Sheet music for piano and keyboard

Below we have listed a selection of sources where you can use piano and keyboard sheet music without infringing on copyright. Feel free to give us a hint or use our comment function if you know other public domain piano or keyboard sheet music. beginner piano books for adults free & children (PDF, free),We would be happy to add to our list.

Piano sheet music for free and legally on the internet

Sheet music for piano and keyboard for beginners

Free sheet music for beginners at ThoughtCo., the largest English language portal for lifelong learning.

Large part of the Bach catalog raisonné for free download

On this South Korean site you will find a large part of the Bach catalog raisonné.


Mozart sheet music for private use

The Digital Mozart Edition (DME) aims to process the entire oeuvre of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart (1756–1791) in digital form and make it available to anyone worldwide via the Internet for scientific, private and educational purposes free of charge.

Classic piano sheet music

On this page you will find hundreds of sheet music in the archive, which you can freely select according to composer and work. You will be informed about new sheet music when you register for the newsletter.

Finds (style blossoms) for piano solo by C. René Hirschfeld

The finds are 10 miniatures in the form of distinctive, sometimes cheerful character pieces. This almost forgotten genre is used here at the same time as a stylistic exercise for young pianists, students or advanced amateur musicians, and so the pieces are deliberately very heterogeneous in structure, sound style and character, while not being too difficult technically.

Today’s musicians, be they professional or not (yet), encounter an unprecedented breadth of styles and tonal languages. With the “Fundstücken” the learning pianist has the opportunity in 10 varied pieces to train differentiated touch technique, different timbres, characters and styles without getting the feeling of technically dry “etudes”:

From 12-note “gimmicks” to sound studies, percussive elements and a piece in mobile form to tonal pieces and even a blues,beginner piano books for adults free & children (PDF, free) this pool of “blossoming styles” ranges, which as individual pieces of manageable length also allow the challenge of unknown playing styles to be mastered.

The pieces are intended as a cycle and should definitely be interpreted with a wink (because the author is of the opinion that today’s music can also be cheerful). Since they are structurally self-sufficient, they can also be performed individually or in smaller groups. The titles are each assigned as a cheerful, linguistically playful reference to character or form. The finds were made in spring 2014.


More free sheet music for more musical instruments

At you will find a large number of other free sheet music. Please let us know if you know any other good sources for free sheet music.

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