Erectile dysfunction (potency disorder)

Impotence: lull in bed

What helps in addition to conventional medicine when a man can no longer do it.

This article is a joint effort by the three-strong editorial team. It was carefully created on the basis of the current medical literature and supplemented with a lot of passion and expertise for naturopathy. The technical final examination is the responsibility of the medical director Dr. medical Berthold Musselmann .

Erectile dysfunction warning sign

A carefree sex life and spontaneous sex: that’s what most people want. Unfortunately, this does not always work at the push of a button, after all, many factors play a role in sexuality: age, psyche, partner and physical health are the four most important building blocks. Erectile dysfunction in men is often a serious sign of illness. That is why impotence is a problem that should be looked into. If the underlying disease is treated consistently, the erectile dysfunction also improves. The  conventional medicine today has many possibilities to intervene and naturopathy can also show a lot. But sexual enhancers are not a cure for mental disorders. The soul needs special treatment! No drug in the world can replace a healthy lifestyle! Become active in good time and inform yourself.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction: naturopathy

In men: treat the underlying disease

The most important measure for erectile dysfunction is the treatment of the underlying disease. Two categories come into question: psychological triggers and physical ailments (such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis , diabetes ). Sometimes the drugs themselves are the cause of erectile dysfunction, especially when different preparations are taken at the same time. Talk to your doctor about it. He/she may be able to switch you to other preparations. But you have to provide the most important basics yourself: A healthy life. That is why naturopathy and proper nutrition count here in particular . Phytotherapy also has helpful “love potions” in stock.

Under no circumstances should you settle everything in silence. A trusting conversation with the partner and therapist often takes the pressure out of the situation.

The woman, the “complicated” sex

In the female sex, sexuality is more complex. It is not enough to optimize one factor, the female organism has the entire situation in view. So it is not surprising that drugs like Sildenafil do not work satisfactorily in women. In addition to the current hormonal situation, there are many other factors that  fuel sexual reluctance  and that are simply less important for men – such as tenderness, trust, security, partner loyalty and social support. In addition, negative experiences often stand in the way of a happy sexuality. For women there are also medical options, with medications, especially hormonesn to intervene and promote sensation, excitability and blood flow to the genitals. The psychological measures are almost more important here.

medicinal plants

Measures against erectile dysfunction are known at all times and in all cultures.

Traditional love spell

Old traditional aphrodisiacs are not always based on a pharmacological effect. Plants have sometimes been classified as “stimulating” because of their shape or their linguistic meaning. And of course an amulet can also have a placebo effect. With today’s ubiquitous erotic stimulation, we only smile at these forms today. But ethnopharmacology certainly has tougher things up its sleeve. However, some of the herbal active ingredients are classified as intoxicants and are prohibited by the Narcotics Act (cocaine). Nevertheless, there are numerous herbal “potency drugs” on the market for which there are quite rational justifications.

Herbal Viagra

Yohimbine is an alkaloid found in the bark of the yohimbe tree. Since it increases blood flow to the pelvic organs and increases the excitability of the nervous system , it is used as a sexual stimulant. The preferred area of ​​application are psychogenic disorders of the erection. Various studies attest to the effect. Before resorting to Viagra, yohimbe can be tried as a herbal alternative. It should not be concealed that yohimbe extract e can also have side effects. Symptoms such as restlessness, states of anxiety, high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia are described . The preparations are therefore subject to prescription for good reason.

Ginseng wakes up tired warriors

Red ginseng has also been clinically tested and found to be effective . It is actually a tonic from the Asian natural pharmacy. It is unclear why it also affects potency. The theories range from an increase in testosterone to more effective relaxation of the erectile tissue muscles. The side effects of this medicinal plant are minimal (headaches, insomnia, digestive problems). After the encouraging preliminary studies, experts are demanding more precise data.

Maca, the potent tuber from the Andes

Maca ( Lepidium meyenii ) is a plant native to high altitude Peru, related to cress. The dried maca nubs are rock hard and only become edible after long cooking. The local population has long been aware of the stimulating effect on fertility and sexual function. However, research has not yet clarified how the maca root works. It is likely that the medicinal plant stimulates sexuality. This has been proven by three out of four preliminary studies:

  • Men with potency problems benefited.
  • There was also success with women after menopause.
  • Maca did not increase potency only in athletic men (cyclists). They had taken the preparation to increase athletic performance.

One must not forget, however, that safety is not definitively settled. The side effects described include abdominal cramps, gastritis , mood swings and palpitations.

Damiana sets the mood

Damiana is an ancient medicinal plant from South America. The Mayas considered it an aphrodisiac and tonic. The first animal experiments confirm the tradition. It is assumed that the ingredients become active in the same metabolic pathway as Viagra (NO levels). Other effects of the plant should also help: Damiana relaxes, brightens the mood and relieves anxiety. That should inspire the desire for sex. In addition, some sources report more sensitive sexual sensitivity. This should also apply to women.

Stimulate with Guarana

An extract from a plant from the tropical part of Africa is often added to sexual enhancers from the Internet : Guaraná. Initial studies support the assumption that this would be possible, at least in terms of the mechanism of action. Statistically correct tests on humans do not yet exist. At least the plant is stimulating due to the caffeine and is also prepared in Brazil as a stimulating lemonade drink. In bodybuilder circles, guaraná is also considered a performance-enhancing substance.

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