How To Do Neuro Emotional Technique On Yourself

In this article you will learn how to do neuro emotional technique on yourself, Emotions are natural and healthy. They are embedded in the response mechanisms that primarily protect and promote our overall survival. However, when our bodies are out of balance, emotions can literally “short-circuit” our nervous system, affecting our beliefs, our behaviors, and even our physical body.As a result of work, family, social activity and the Western lifestyle, feelings of restlessness and stress are very frequent and can destabilize our daily lives. Although emotions are natural and healthy, our body needs to disconnect and thus reach a degree of intense relaxation that allows it to restore a profound and effective way. If we do not achieve the maximum possible emotional balance and in this way be calmer and calmer, an accumulation of tensions occurs within us that is negatively reflected in a stiffness of our muscles and joints, a fatigue of the nervous and immune system and a deterioration that can make us sick. Most of the time this occurs without us noticing, until symptoms appear such as pain that invalidates us and forces us to stop.

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Originally formulated by Scott Walker in California in 1980, the Neuro Emotional Technique is an innovative technique from Chiropractic that acts through acupressure points belonging to the meridian system used by Chinese Medicine. These points are used as diagnosis and treatment of accumulated tensions in the body. It is a technique indicated to treat any disease process, but it does not interfere with other treatments, but enhances the body’s own response capacity to the disease.

This technique acts directly on the nervous system, inducing the body to reach the state of relaxation necessary for healing. It also increases and regulates the distribution of analgesic and anti-inflammatory substances towards the area of ​​pain and disease. It also activates the body’s own resources that tend towards healing. It is used to treat or complement the treatment of multiple ailments such as neck pain, bruxism, fibromyalgia, sciatica, muscle contractures, tendonitis, headaches or migraines, for example, any ailment derived from stress situations. The results from the first session are a considerable increase in the feeling of well-being and relaxation, patients usually give positive testimonials from the beginning of the treatment, since they usually feel their bodies much lighter and more relaxed.

Acupressure is related to Acupuncture in its approaches and in the use of the same channels and energy points, it simply varies the way of stimulating and treating those points. Acupressure releases the energy that circulates through the body’s meridians, that energy called “Chi” irrigates the body, but sometimes for various reasons it stops flowing causing ailments and diseases. This technique restores that flow of energy that is so important to achieve balance. If the energy flows freely the body is healthy. Acupressure consists of pressing certain points on the body to improve or restore health.

Negative emotional charges in the body can cause one to have negative feelings towards situations which may be related to the cause of these charges. In more severe cases, these negative emotional charges could even cause pain or discomfort. When the Neuro Emotional Technique is applied, the negative emotional charges are removed, patients instantly feel “relieved” and much “lighter”. how to do neuro emotional technique on yourself,Patients who have more experience with the Neuro Emotional Technique know that at times you may even be able to identify or at least guess the cause of negative charges as you become more “connected” with yourself.

The Neuro Emotional Technique was originally formulated by Scott Walker a chiropractor in the 1980’s. A large majority of chiropractors believe that emotions are related to the cause of physical pain in the body.


Developed in the early 1980s it is a psychosomatic stress reduction technique intended to improve health. The NEURO EMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE combines a series of techniques and principles of traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic and applied kinesiology. It is a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on unresolved “negative emotional blocks.” Think of the unresolved emotions stored in your body as similar to a computer “glitch” that can short-circuit your desires and affect your health. NET describes “negative emotional complexes’ ‘ (NEC) as stored in the body, and helps to release or resolve them. Emotions like excessive, unresolved anger, grief, and fear can affect us for a long time, even after we have forgotten the event that caused them. By freeing ourselves from the burdens that bind us to the past, we feel freer to express our potential and our being in a more comprehensive, joyful and productive way. Patients reported that they were less stressed, happier, and felt better after NET treatment. It is important to note that this technique does not cure the patient, but rather removes blockages to the body’s natural vitality, allowing the body to heal and/or repair itself.

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NET offers a quick and durable solution to remove our limitations and blockages. Body-related manifestations of stress include all kinds of conditions, such as chronic and acute physical symptoms, pain of all kinds, organ dysfunction, neurological problems, musculoskeletal and immunological conditions, allergies, and much more. Mind-related manifestations of stress include conditions associated with phobias, depression, anxiety, nightmares, disruptive behavior, emotionally engendered cognitive distortions, and many other problems. It is especially recommended when one feels bad without knowing the real reason. NET is safe and effective, and it’s a natural way to solve long-standing health problems.


Emotional stress in the body can be defined as a physiological response to a stimulus. Neuroscientist Joseph Ledoux showed that emotions are experienced first in the limbic system (mammalian brain) and only secondarily in the neocortex. While general psychology works predominantly with the neocortex (the reasoning brain), NET works predominantly with the mammalian brain (or the limbic “feeling” brain) and meridian-related emotional processes.



Nothing we experience escapes being imprinted and recorded within the cellular hologram. Our cells store information, which comes both from our ancestors (known as genetic inheritance), as well as from records of events in our lives, and information that we bring at birth. Every thought, word, and deed we produce has a physiological correlation, a response that is stored in cells as a memory and is maintained by its own particular chemistry. Each experience we have lived is encoded in our cells and therefore these memories affect our present life, to such an extent that they predispose us to perceive and behave in a certain and determined way; affecting our stress threshold and our readiness in the face of emotional to do neuro emotional technique on yourself, We look for what we know well, what we are used to doing, what offers us the safest excuse and escape. It has been discovered that “stress” or tension, our history of pain, is stored in the muscles of our body. What we think affects the cellular structure of our body and who we are on a cellular level also has an effect on what we think. With NEURO EMOTIONAL THERAPY, a large amount of energy is recovered that we had lost, by accessing resources that were blocked and thus being able to choose a new behavior or response to the situations that arise.


Monti, D.A., Tobia, A., Stoner, M. et al. “Neuro-emotional technique effects on brain physiology in cancer patients with traumatic stress symptoms: preliminary findings.” J Cancer Surviv (2017). doi: 10.1007/s11764 Dr. Monti and his team studied 23 cancer patients who had painful experiences related to cancer that caused symptoms of traumatic stress that persisted for at least six months. Some study participants received NET and others were waiting for a follow-up. The treatment group received functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) while listening to their distressing cancer memory story before and after NET. After NET, reactivity in several brain structures associated with the perception of emotional trauma was reduced. For example, it is known that the

The parahippocampus is important for other types of traumatic stress, such as post-traumatic stress in war veterans and victims of sexual assault. In the image on the right, the parahippocampus is no longer activated after treatment.

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