How to make money from photography as a teenager

Yes, it really is up there. How can I use photography to make money? I’m pretty good at it, and I want to make some extra money with it. Have you done anything like this before?

The fog moved over the mountains like a spider.

Do you really want to make money from your hobby?

Still asking how to make money from photography as a teenager?Many of us wish that we could take pictures every day. Maybe things aren’t going well at work, or maybe you’re not very happy with it. But let me tell you a story before you decide to make photography your full-time job.

I started taking pictures as a hobby while I was in school. I just kept getting smarter. At one point in my life, photography meant a lot to me. When I was almost done with my studies, I told myself, “If you don’t do it now, you’ll never do it.” So I tried to sell my photos for money.

I did photo shoots, took orders, and found new clients. I also took pictures of different things, like portraits, which were not really my thing. I sometimes had to ask the employment office to give me more money, but I was able to do photography every day.

I had a job to do for the Thale tourist office in the spring of 2019. I should take some photos of the Bodetal and the area around it. I agreed in a contract to make 25 “hero shots” in that one week. That’s a lot to do in a week, especially since the weather could make things hard. I took a picture of each sunrise and each sunset. In the end, I made 25 pictures. But after going there a few times a week, I realized I wasn’t happy.

Learn how to make money selling your photo

Sunset at Hexentanzplatz. This picture was taken on a weekday.

Sunset at Hexentanzplatz. This picture was taken on a weekday.

I’ve been alone all week. I was in a vacation rental that cost $20 a night. I had to take pictures to finish the task. I had to do what I really liked to make a living.

It can be boring to have to do something every day to pay your rent. Photography is something that many of us find beautiful and do when we want to, not because we have to.

So think twice about whether this is really the way you want to go. Because you might not enjoy photography as much as you used to.

Get better pictures from your cameras and lenses without having to buy new ones.

There are 21 ways to make money with photos.

I now work in online marketing, which gives me the money I need to take photos whenever I want to. Because of the internet, there are now many ways to make money with photography. I have 21 of them so far. I also tell you how to start on each path in the gray boxes.

Almost every one of these ideas is a good way to make enough money to live on. Usually a lot more than that. It all comes down to how hard you work. Nearly every path could also be started as a part-time job.

Offer to do work for pay

One of the most common ways to become a full-time photographer is to do work for other people. Someone tells you to take some pictures. Most people know about wedding photography, portraits, and architectural photography.

How do you start?

Having a website just for this is a good idea. So you need to go to getting customers. This can be done by either marketing online or offline. For example, you can put ads in newspapers or on Google or Facebook to get people’s attention. Of course, recommendations from customers you’ve already photographed are also very helpful.

newspaper articles

With this type of business model, the photographer often takes the pictures himself and then sells them. In the meantime, many newspaper photographers are out taking pictures on their own and selling them to newspapers after they have been taken. If you are the first one there, there is a good chance that the pictures will be bought later.

How do you start?

Make connections with the local newspaper and ask if you can work together. Is there a set pattern? Does the newspaper need more photographers, or does it already have enough freelance photographers?[1]

Photography for stock

Newsletter Lead 1 – E-Book: When you do stock photography, you also take pictures ahead of time and then sell them. You keep pictures for certain topics on hand (“in stock”). Then, you can tag your photos and upload them to stock photography sites like Depositphotos ( People who want to use your photos for something like a magazine or a flyer can then license them. Depending on the size, each picture sale will earn you between 50 cents and 2 euros. At first, that doesn’t seem like much, so it all comes down to the large number of good pictures. A picture can be sold more than once, of course. From what I’ve seen, you can also make good money here. how to make money from photography as a teenager,Robert Kneschke’s blog has an interesting post about this.

How do you start?

Sign up on platforms like iStock or Shutterstock . Check out how other successful photographers work there and what kinds of pictures they make. Which pictures get a lot of downloads? What words and phrases do they use? Learn about the quality standards that must be met for the stock photos. Then you can start making your own stock photos and putting them on that site.

Open my Shutterstock account to receive money

Open my Shutterstock account to receive money

workshops for photos

If you already know a little bit about photography, you can start giving workshops. You might feel like you’re not ready yet. Think about how much you do with photography, though. How much time have you put into it so far? What have you learned about yourself? You can tell other people about this.

How do you start?

Think about what you want your photo workshop to be about. Then think about how you can teach the participants the most about this subject. How should the workshop be set up? What kinds of papers do you need? Do you need a room to train in? Almost every hotel lets you rent it. You can give your first photo workshop for free to see if you like them or not. At the end, you should have everyone fill out a feedback form so you can make your workshop better. How do people know that your workshop is happening? You can tell people on a forum like the DSLR Forum that the workshop is free. This is how I began it.

Community college courses that teach photography

The goal here, too, is to share what you know about photography. A course at an adult education center can help you make money. If you want, you can also offer more than one course.

How do you start?

Set up an idea for a course like you would for a workshop. This course must, of course, be broken up into hours spread out over a few weeks. If you have this kind of idea, you can call your local adult education center and ask if you need to. Or, you could call the adult education center first and ask if there are any classes they would like to add to their schedule. If the courses you want are in your area of expertise, you can make them yourself.

Make video lessons

In video courses, you show what you know about photography in the form of a video. People can buy this kind of video course online as a download or in person as a DVD, which they can then watch at home.

How do you start?

Think about the best way to share what you know. How should the course be broken up into parts? What kind of hands-on activities should the group do? You can either record the course on the computer or film it. After the video editing, you must give the course the papers it needs. After the course is over, it goes into marketing. Again, you can choose whether to market online or offline.

Workshop on taking photos in the Harz Mountains

Workshop on taking photos in the Harz Mountains

use affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing, really? You write on your website, on your YouTube channel, or wherever you act, no matter what camera or lenses you use. You can link to places like Amazon from there. When someone clicks on your link and buys something there, you get a small commission. This is what I do on my page of recommendations. Amazon takes a 3 percent cut of sales of photo equipment. It’s not much, but the more popular your website or channel gets, the more it’s worth.

How do you start?

You need to have a website or a channel on YouTube. Then you can sign up for a program like Amazon’s affiliate program. Now you can link to Amazon, and if you sell something, you’ll get a cut.

affiliate marketing

On my page of recommendations, I use affiliate marketing.

Putting banner ads on your own website

If you have your own photography website, you can also make money by putting advertising banners on it. Of course, the website is more valuable the more people visit it.

How do you start?

Make your website, and then keep adding to it. Then, for example, you can sign up with Google Adsense. You can make a code there that you can put on your website. Adsense now shows ads that are relevant to the people who visit your website.

Write e-books

Do you like to write? Then you could use e-books as a way to run a business and make money. Here, too, it will likely be about sharing what you know about photography. You can write the e-books on your own computer and sell them on Amazon or on your own website, for example.

How do you start?

Again, you need to think about what you want to write and how you want your e-book to be organized. What kind of pictures do you need? Do you need to make pictures to explain something? When your e-book is ready, you can put it on Amazon KDP or sell it through Digistore24 on your own website.

E-book with 14 tips for getting the best photos of landscapes and buildings.

Get into the market for art

The art market is likely one of the hardest ways to make money off of your photos. People often talk about high prices and auctions, like in the photographs of Andreas Gursky. Still, some photographers try to get into the art market and make very little money over the course of their lives. Even so, it is still possible.

How do you start?

I think that getting in touch with galleries and curators is a big part of this. These are the people you should talk to about your portfolio when it’s done.

Write articles and books.

Newsletter lead 4: photo equipment You don’t have to write e-books to write about photography. You could also write a book yourself. A word of warning: authors usually only get a small share of the price when their books sell. Most of the time, this is more of a vanity project so that you can be proud of having written your own book. You can also make money here if you have several photo books and the right contract for your share.

Writing professional articles for photo journals and magazines can be more interesting. These are used over and over again and are not as big as a book.

How do you start?

You should see for yourself if you like writing these kinds of articles. Then you can talk to magazine editors and publishers. Here, you can find out if there is interest in certain topics or if there are plans for special editions on certain photo areas.

create presets

If you edit pictures a lot, you probably have a set way of doing things. You may have also made presets or actions for Lightroom or Photoshop. Now, one way to run a business is to sell complete presets.

If you know how to code well enough, you might also be able to make plugins or stand-alone programs for image processing.

How do you start?

In this case, marketing is just as important as the presets themselves. The best way to sell presets is to be well-known in the photography world. You can promote the presets in a number of ways, such as on your website, on YouTube, or on Instagram.

Join in on YouTube.

How to make money on YouTube? If you post videos there and enough people watch them, YouTube will pay you to put ads on those videos.

How do you start?

The first thing you need to do is start a photography-related YouTube channel. You should always make videos that people want to watch, which will help you get as many subscribers as possible. You can start making money on YouTube over time.

Also, my YouTube channel could be better taken care of.

Also, my YouTube channel could be better taken care of.

Offer travel lectures

If you like to travel, giving travel lectures after you get back could be a good way to make money. The idea is that you make a presentation out of your trip photos. You can then take this talk on the road and give it in different places. Of course, marketing is also a big part of this.

How do you start?

You have to do more than just write the lecture; you also have to plan the events. You need to find a place to hold it, start selling tickets, and then spread the word about the event itself.

Sell ​​usage rights

Selling use rights is mostly a passive way to make money, at least for me. For example, an agency might want to make a flyer or a website. Then, they try to find pictures about this subject. If they now find out about your pictures, a request comes in for the rights to use each picture.

How do you start?

You should put as many of your pictures as you can on the Internet. It’s important to have an image community, enter photo contests, and have your own website. There is also a role for search engine optimization. There must be a way to get in touch with you on your website.

Become a sponsor or important person.

Newsletter lead 2: Popular posts: If you have a large audience, businesses may want to sponsor you. Then you’ll get paid for using their camera equipment and letting people know about it on social media.

Companies often pay money to have their products shown in photos, especially on Instagram. Depending on how many people follow you, this could be a good way to make money.

How do you start?

What matters most is that you have a name in the world of photography. There are many ways this can happen. Setting up a good Instagram account with a lot of followers makes a lot of sense. Then, at some point, you can go to businesses and ask them to work with you. Most of the time, though, companies will contact you at some point.

My page on Instagram

Set up your own store (online)

It can be a big job to run your own (online) store. In the first place, it’s about buying and selling photo products. But it can be fun to sell your own goods through the shop.

One idea would be to only think about filters. There are still some brands, like Lee or Singh-Ray, that are hard to find in Germany. This is especially true for ND filters or gray gradient filters.

How do you start?

You can start small, especially if you have an online shop. For the first steps, you don’t need a stock of 1,000 items; 20 will do. Here, it costs money to store a small amount of stock. Website hosts like All-Inkl offer ready-made shop installations that you can start using right away even if you don’t know much about programming. Again, marketing is the most important thing here.

lend photo equipment

In a way that is similar to a store, another way to make money is not to sell photo gear, but to let people use it. Before buying a camera or lens, many people want to try it out first. Some photographers also need to borrow a bigger camera for a certain job.

How do you start?

For a rental, you will need your own cameras and lenses, which you will need to buy ahead of time. So, this model can’t be used until a big investment is made. You should then focus mostly on online marketing in addition to having a website.

Provide editing of photos as a service.

Some photographers have a pretty set way of making pictures. So it can make financial sense to hire a service provider instead of doing the post-processing of photos yourself. You could be this service provider.

How do you start?

On sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and MyLittleJob, you can set up a profile and offer your skills. People who want you to work on their photos will find you there and then hire you. The more orders you’ve taken care of there, the more you can charge for your services.

Sell prints of your photos.

The artists among us are very interested in this point. You can sell your own photos at shows, on your website, or through other channels. My post about printing photos has more information about printing if you need it.

How do you start?

First, you need a good collection of your work, which is called a portfolio. Then you should check out art shows and openings. Your own website can also help you make more sales if you market it well. You can apply to be in their portfolio and start selling through platforms like Saatchiart.[5]

Customers can get photo prints

Customers can get photo prints

Organize conferences & trade fairs

Have you been to the Photokina show? There are many trade shows and conferences about different kinds of photography. If you are good at putting things together, you could put on such an event yourself.

How do you start?

At the beginning, you should choose a theme for your event. Who is interesting to listen to? Which photographers are interested in this subject? You may also need a group of people to help you with this task, along with a large space. You need to find sponsors and get the word out about your event.

What makes a photographer good at what they do?

How do you get good at taking pictures? If you’ve paid attention so far, you’ll have noticed that I’ve talked a lot about marketing. I think that photography is only about 20% of what it takes to be a good photographer. At 80%, the skills in marketing are much more important. You should be able to promote your photos and yourself both online and in person. This is the only way to get your photo business in front of enough people to be successful.

What makes a photographer good at what they do?

Do I need to sign up my business?

If you want to use one of the 21 ways to make money with photography, you should definitely register as a business. For now, a side business will do, and you can start one for very little money.

I set up my business online in 10 minutes at the local trade office four years ago. It cost 25 euros to do this.

What I think are the best ways to market online

If you want to build your photography business, you have to decide how to spend your time. Since I know a lot about online marketing, I’d like to tell you about some channels.

Google’s Business Page

Google My Business is one of the most important things, especially if you do commissioned photography for people in your area. Here, you can get a lot done in a relatively short amount of time. For example, if a customer searches Google for “wedding photographer Kassel,” they will find your phone number among the local results. The customer usually just calls to make an appointment at that point.

The Google My Business page should be kept in good shape. There, you can use search terms in different fields that should be tailored to your own activity. You can also add pictures of yourself that are up-to-date to this profile every so often to get the attention of customers.

My page on Google My Business

own web page

Having your own website is a standard way to market your business. You can have a website made by someone else or make it yourself, depending on your skills and budget.

If you don’t already know how to do this, you can learn as you go. If you sign up for an address and a hosting service for your website, the hoster may be able to install software directly for your website. Here’s where WordPress is useful. This system is easy to use and gives you a lot of room to grow your website in the future.

Newsletter lead 3: New posts: At first, making your own website may seem impossible, but it’s worth the effort. You’ll learn a huge number of skills that will help you in your career in the future. If you can’t figure something out, you can just use Google to find the answer. Many people have dealt with the same problem before you. Almost always, you can get help that way.


A blog takes a little more time. But it’s a good chance to show off your current projects and work from time to time. With WordPress, you can add a blog like this to your own site and make it bigger.


Of course, marketing on social media is also very important. Here, I suggest that you make a fan page on Facebook. There are also a lot of free guides and instructions on the Internet. Many photographers have been complaining for months that Google’s normal reach has been going down. This is also true, but it’s worth spending a little money on your own important Facebook posts.

If I share a new blog post on Facebook, for example, only about 50 people will see it without me paying. But if I pay 5 euros to promote the post to my Facebook followers, I make sure that people who have liked my page will also see this post. I can reach about 500 people this way. I write about two new blog posts a month, so the total monthly cost of 10 euros is also reasonable.

My Facebook page for fans

My Facebook page for fans


Photographers these days can hardly avoid Instagram. This means that you should post new photos often, use the right hashtags, and be involved in the community. There are many social channels, but to keep the work manageable, I would only recommend Facebook and Instagram. This is the best way to get the most out of something.

to start

You must have learned a lot of new things from that. Don’t wait for a certain time to sell your photos if you want to make money from them. You don’t need a better SLR camera or a new video camera, either. You could even run almost any business model entirely on your phone, if you wanted to.

Start by taking one or two of these routes.

How have you made money with photos in the past? What has worked and what hasn’t for you? Leave a comment for me! If you want, I can also let you know about each new post in a short way, so you don’t miss anything.

> I will write more photography guides

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James Clear was amazed as he stood in the Scottish Highlands and looked out over the glens.

“If I had only a camera!”

He didn’t think about it for long, bought one, and spent the next few months focusing on photography. He went to strange places, looked for interesting angles, and studied the work of famous photographers.

But he took pictures more than anything else. In the first year, he took over 100,000.

What did he get for that?

Within a year, he was a finalist for the international award for travel photography, Travel Photographer of the Year.

None of them had training. If you don’t study. Without having read a book on the subject.

He just took many photos.

And that’s exactly what you can do with photos to make money.

You just have to do, do, do – like James.

Here are 18 proven ways to make money with your photos and maybe even make a living from them.

Learn how to make money selling your photo


1. Stock photos

Websites are like digital billboards:

Everywhere you look, there are pictures of happy people, beaches, and bright emotions.

But these pictures don’t come from the in-house darkroom. Instead, they are bought, downloaded, and added to the website.

Where did you buy it?

From platform sticks:

Think of them as places where people from all over the world store millions of pictures they have taken.

These sites let people look through agencies and buy what they want.

Then, they get a license for the images, which lets them use them.

But how can you sell your photos to make money?

If someone buys the right to use your photos, you get a commission, which can be anywhere from a few cents to 1-2 euros.

The answer depends on the platform.

Just that little?

Yes, people can buy your picture twice, five times, ten times, or even a hundred times. Nothing can stop it.

Here, hard work pays off. If you’re good at taking photos and take a lot of them, you’ll win the race for the most popular ones.

If you have a few thousand photos, you can easily use them to make money without doing anything:

Every day, agencies buy your photos, and a cut of the money goes into your account.

But what kind of photos do they need?

Eye doors want:

A child laughing, a face scrunched up in fear, horror in the eyes—in short, people in different situations and full of emotions.

Things like clocks, calendars, and chess pieces have a lot of meaning.

Fruit, salads, gourmet dishes, and pretty much anything else that goes with food.

Last question: where can you spend your money from photosearn from home?

You can sell stock photos on these sites:

  • Alamy
  • iStockPhoto
  • Shutterstock
  • PhotoShelter
  • Fotolia /Adobe Stock
  • Stocksy
  • Dreamstime

2. Donate pictures

Give photographs?

I’m not Caritas, and I want to sell my photos for money.

I understand, I understand.

That’s why sometimes giving money is a better way to make money than selling photos.

I beg your pardon?

Simply put, stock photo sites are as full as Chinese beaches, and every theme has been covered in flashbulbs as if Zeus had thrown his lightning bolt at it.

On the other hand, you won’t find many glossy images on free stock sites.

Now, what’s in it for you: people can donate on these sites, and some do so out of gratitude.

So if you post good stock photos there, people will also give you money.

Also, you don’t have to deal with the harsh competition that you do on paid stock photography sites.

Lastly, the rule of big numbers comes into play once more: if you upload a lot, your donation pot will fill up like a town musician’s guitar case.

Try it for yourself and see what you think.

What sites can you use to put your photos online? – Here are some examples:




See our post “sell photos” over for a full list of all 21 sites.

3. Use apps to make money

A man stands in the bushes with a camera and takes pictures that make him money.

Source: Picture on Unsplash by Fabian Schneider

Apps are in the low-income range, but they don’t cost more than one to three euros.

But before you slam your lower jaw together in disappointment, it’s still a fun thing to do.

And a nice hourly wage if you work quickly and well.

But what do I really want to say?

I’m talking about apps that let people get paid to do small jobs.

Around make money with apps, you take pictures of things in the city with your phone. It could be a view, a building, an ad in the subway, or a shelf in a discount store.

Basically, you work for an ad agency as a little spy.

And if you do what you’re told in a secret mission, you’ll get a reward. You can have it sent to you through PayPal or a bank transfer, or you can trade it for a gift card.

Disadvantage: Orders like this aren’t as common in the country as GMO corn. You should live in the city.

These places are:

  • streetspotr
  • AppJobber
  • Roamler
  • BeMyEye (Android Only)
  • Clickworker

4. Sell pictures on your own

The first steps in photography are to want to do it and to enjoy it.

You grab a camera and give photography a try, but only as a hobby.

But the others will eventually notice:

You love to take pictures, so why don’t you do a little series of our horse, cows, and other animals on our farm?

We’d like to make a calendar.

You already have a customer who gives you something behind your back.

If you do a good job, people will talk about it, and your customer base will grow like Popeye’s arms after he ate spinach.

You get paid for weddings, birthdays, and births, if you like…

How does that make you feel?

Advertise among your friends, and once you have enough people interested, it will be easy to make extra money with your photos.

This is how you take the first step toward your dream of getting paid to take pictures.

Because there are always people who know people who know people who know people.

5. Contests for photos

“The Winner Takes It All,” by ABBA, says it all:

In competitions, the only thing that counts is how good a photographer you are.

And if you’re a good photographer, you’ll get paid, get high-quality cameras and other photo gear, but most of all, you’ll be known:

As a winner, your picture is the center of attention, and you get known.

And you already know that well-known names get the best jobs.

You get more clients, customers, and space in articles, magazines, and journals.

You might be thinking right now, “I’ll never get there!”

Can you make: A photo of your money coaches Marco was taken at a show in London.

How was that possible?

Well, use the secret method I told you about up top: PHOTOGRAPH, PHOTOGRAPH, PHOTOGRAPH!

Now I’ve told you again: some people really have to be made happy.

Here is where you can find competitions:


6. Marketing with affiliates

A man stands on top of a cliff and takes pictures.

Source: Picture on Unsplash by Fabian Schneider

You don’t have to sell photos right now to catch your breath, but you should do something just as important:

Marketing, as well as a website.

A professional photographer who doesn’t have a website is as useless as a camera without a shutter.

People can only find you, like your work, and hire you through your website.

You can do the same thing on your website by blogging and writing interesting texts that bring people to you like a Google vacuum cleaner.

You can now put ads on the website for photo equipment (like from Amazon) and get a 3% commission on every sale.

And no, you don’t have to hound people like insurance salespeople do to get them to join.

Marketing is much more subtle. For example, you could add a tab called “My Equipment.”

There is a link to your equipment, and if someone buys it through that link, you will get a commission.

You can sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program here:

7. Hold workshops

Once you’re no longer a beginner, you can use what you’ve learned to help other people and get paid for it.

For this, you can hold workshops online or in person.

Offline, you can rent a room for a workshop and promote it on your website. You can also put Google AdSense ads for it there.

You could also “post” information about your workshop on sites like the DSLR Forum.

It’s too hard to book a room, move chairs, and pay rent. Isn’t there a better way?

Yes, you can make money with live streams and hold workshops there if you know what you’re doing.

This is done through:


Amazon Explore (not yet in Germany)

OnZoom (not yet in Germany)



8. Video Courses

Workshops are like the task that Sisyphus had to do over and over again. Once one is over, you have to start planning the next one.

If you don’t want to do this work all the time, you can make a video course about a certain topic.

You can promote your course on your website and make money from it every time it is bought, as long as it is about a timeless topic and not the hottest photo trends of 2021.

Even if you don’t have a big following yet, you can still make money with your photos by signing up as a lecturer on a video course platform.

The provider takes care of the distribution, but in exchange he gets a cut of the profit.

These places are:

  • Udemy
  • skill share
  • Teachable
  • Elopage
  • Coachy

It’s also smart to combine workshops with video courses. During the workshop, you can impress the people there, make them want more, and make their eyes widen like they just sniffed cocaine.

At the end, you sell your photography course to the people who have been so interested.

9. Dates and paintings

Woman with camera

Source: Photo on Unsplash by Benjamin Combs

Picture your pictures hanging on the walls of your living room, bedroom, and hallway.

Everyone sees them, everyone likes them, and everyone tells the host how good his taste is.

Or as a calendar: she sees her family every day, uses it, and is happy when the beautiful pictures pass over her retina.

This is how to make the day of a stranger better.

You have two ways to make this idea come true:

Your blog is where you sell the items (but you need reach).

You put them on websites like Calvendo and Zoomwork, which distribute them but keep most of the money for themselves.

But there is a way to make more money: diversify. It makes you feel good when a friend tells you:

Yesterday, I was with Anne. She has a calendar with your pictures on it.

awesome, isn’t it?

10. Have a shop online

I just said it: You sell your calendars, pictures, portraits, etc. on your blog, but we do it like on a construction site and go one step further:

Add your own online store to your site.

This is easy to do with plugins such as:


Ecwid is a shopping cart for e-commerce

Cart66 cloud

This way, you can make money from your photos and keep control of them.

11. Dropshipping products with photos

You can easily set up a shop, decorate it, and make it look like a painting from the Italian Renaissance. But wait, there’s still something missing…

That’s right: the products!

If you don’t have one, what can you do?

You have a niche in dropshipping, but what do you drop?

Dropshipping means that you don’t make the product, store it, or ship it. What do you do then? You’re just a middleman.

Your online store sells things made by another company. If someone buys something there, the company that made it sends the package to the buyer.

You’re just the link between the product and the customer, but you’re also the face of the company:

The buyer orders from YOU, and if the object has a weak spot like the Death Star, you have to take care of it.

So take a look at what you’re selling.

How do you begin dropshipping?

Shopify: Set up your store here.

Oberlo: You’ll find producers there.

12. Run banner ads

If your website is as busy as a World Cup stadium, put equipment-themed banner ads there.

Yes, I know you always click away from ads because they bother and annoy you like wasps at a barbecue, but not everyone feels the same way.

Some people click on it, are happy (man, that’s what I was looking for! ), and send you a nice commission.

How do you put these ads up?

AboveGoogle AdSense: To use it, you sign up, make a banner code, and put it on your site.

13. Become a person who matters.

A man takes pictures in the city so he can sell them and make money.

Source: Photo on Unsplash by Annie Spratt.

Influencers have to be able to jump over this bar, just like they do in the high jump.

At least, that’s what most people think.

In the background, it’s hard work, hoping, worrying, and going years without pay until, maybe, you break out of the shadows and into the light.

You can play this game by consistently posting good photos on Instagram, TikTok, or any other platform.

But don’t make it your main way to make money. Instead, use it as a way to get more attention:

You advertise yourself, your work, and your website until you’re big enough and orders are coming in like a dam breaking.

And how can you use your photos to make money?

About product placements: Once you are well-known, companies will reach out to you to tell your followers about their cameras, lenses, tripods, etc.

They pay you to do that.

14. Edit photos as a side job

Some photographers just love nature, the waves, and the steep coasts. They want to be out there as artists taking pictures, not sitting at a computer editing their work.

This is where your services come in: as a freelancer, you become an expert at post-processing.

Like Photoshop, Lightroom, or other programs.

But what seems easy is actually hard to do.

“Hey, SpaceX’s first rockets also blew up when they were launched. Give it time.”

Because you must first make a name for yourself, gain experience, and build a loyal clientele.

That might not happen for a few months.

But once you’ve found a place to live, your income will go up.

You can advertise your services on the following sites:

  • Fiverr
  • WorkGenius
  • up job

15. Sign up as a YouTuber

You realize that you shouldn’t depend on just one way to make money with your photos.

You start out as an amateur photographer, go to shows and get jobs, set up your website, etc…

And YouTube will eventually become another way to make money that will drain your account.

You make videos about your travels, your photography gear, and your jobs, and you give great tips to the people who watch them.

But it will take time until you have enough viewers. If you are already making good money with other things, why not try to get more subscribers on the side?

Why not: A table is more stable when it has four legs instead of just one.

When do you start getting paid?

When you have 1000 subscribers and people have watched your videos for at least 4000 hours.

Then you can make money from your channel.

16. Write e-books

Man stands on a mountain and photographs the landscape

Source: A photo on Unsplash by Jefferson Santos

What’s popular in the business right now, what’s the coolest camera, and what images are in high demand?

Put these questions into an e-book and sell it on Amazon Kindle, Digistore, or other appropriate platforms.

Or, you can put the book on your blog and use it as a “lead magnet” to get people to sign up for your email list.

Putting in your email address will get you the book.

Now you send emails to your readers to promote products, tell stories, and talk about what’s new in the business.

17. Teach people how to take pictures

If your website is finished and gets as much traffic as the A7, help people with their jobs.

Give online lessons (or offline if you prefer).

There, you answer everyone’s questions and make it easier for others to succeed.

You can also use this as an upsell with workshops and video courses:

If you buy the course, you can get a discount on coaching.

Important: be patient and give the other person time; don’t be as shy as a flamingo.

18. Give lectures

I still remember:

Once, as I walked through Jena, he stopped and looked at me.

Markus Lanz!

It’s pretty disgusting to look at, but it was just his poster, so I didn’t say anything.

The poster was for a talk about what he did, saw, and felt on his trip to Greenland.

Now, the question: When you go around the world with your camera, what have you done, seen, and felt?

Travel is like a coin from ancient times. Why don’t you turn your experiences into a lecture and tie it together with your pictures?

You go to different cities to give these talks, rent rooms, and sell tickets.

The only downside is that you need to go back to the range, so you should start with another way to make money with photos.

PS: If you’re still wondering, James Clear is a guy.

It’s the best-selling author of “Atomic Habits.” Writer, not a Photographer?

Yes, he did eventually hang his camera in the drying cabinet and start his own business.

Still, photography is his passion, and if you’re interested, you can look at his pictures here.

Write in the comments if you’re already making money with your photos.

Photo by Benjamin Combson on Unsplash is the source of the main image.

While sitting at his laptop, a young man looks at the camera while he looks at himself in the mirror.

I, Robin Prock, am a financial nerd, an expert on self-improvement, and a well-known word juggler. My texts take the mysteries out of the financial world and serve them to you on a silver platter, so you can learn more about money and live a more independent life.

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