The Shingles Solution Reviews: Should You Buy It or Is It a Scam?

Shingles is caused by a virus that is hard to treat. If you have it, it makes sense to look for reviews of well-known clapboard solutions. Chances are, some of the things you tried didn’t work the way you thought they would.the shingles solution reviews  No matter what, the time you spent reading this post is right now giving you shingles.[1]

Every year, there are more than a million cases of shingles just in the US. Most of these people are always looking for a cure for their shingles, but the disease is usually hard to deal with.

A few naturopaths, like Julisa Clay, have found a solution that has been shown to work. Julia did more than just find and use this solution. She also took steps to write a book about it so that other people could use it too.

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What is Julisa Clay’s answer for shingles?

What is the shingles cure made of?

The Shingles Solution is a simple plan that can be done in 2 easy steps over the course of 4 weeks. Each phase comes with a sheet that tells you what to do each day. So you know what you need to do and when you need to do it. No need to guess. Just do it and see what it’s like. The first 7 days of the plan are a little more strict than the rest of the plan.

The Shingles Solution by Julissa is made up of several parts. Food plan is one of them, of course. Some ingredients help keep us healthy and colorful by keeping us from getting sick, fixing the body’s many parts, and keeping the inner systems working well.the shingles solution reviews, Other things cause infections, hurt the body, and stop these internal systems from keeping us in the best shape possible. The product tells you everything you need to know about the challenge.


The book is broken up into six parts.

how the e-book is used

part of the beginning

The frame’s recuperation technique

Nature as a way to heal

Shingles Can Be Cured in 21 Days


Use the electronic book

This part will give you an idea of how to use the book. It tells what you can expect from this book. With this knowledge, it will be easy to find the places you want to study in the book. Some people find it easier to read the book in order, but you can easily keep up with every subject and get the right message even if you go back to different parts.

Part that comes first

Review of The Shingle Solution: Does it work? Let’s look at!

This part has also been broken up into different sections, many of which you will learn about as you study:

The author starts by telling you about the disease and how bad it is.

Information about viruses and the so-called “micro-verse”: Here, the writer gives an idea of how a pandemic can cause Shingle. He looks at different points of view and research that help him see this more clearly.

Shingles: In this section, you can find out a lot of different things about the beginning. This part will tell you everything you need to know about the virus that caused the problem in the first place.[2]

You might be surprised to learn that almost everyone has a chance of getting this virus because they have been exposed to chickenpox at some point.

It then gives the same kind of information about the number of people who are likely to get it now.

Also, the writer explains how the virus usually affects people and why it is so easy for people to get infected. It also talks about how the virus can wake up in the blood after being dormant. You can also learn about the different stages of the virus, such as

Pre-eruptive stage: Here are some of the signs and symptoms you might experience while using this method.

Acute Eruptive Stage: Here’s a look at the time it takes, the signs and symptoms it causes, and the bacteria that cause it.

Chronic Infection Stage: This stage lasts longer and may even last longer than usual for a painful experience.

Gain access to the official shingles treatment program

It didn’t stop there. More information about this virus, including how it works in the body, was broken down. For another reason, the writer gives information on the following:

shingles symptoms and signs

He lists the different ways you could easily find out about this problem, such as:

Rash: You might get more information about these signs and symptoms, like when you’ll first notice them.

Nerve inflammation: You’ll also learn about the different kinds of nerve inflammation that can happen.

Pain: Like many other things, pain can really be a gift. But one will help you figure out where the pain is coming from.[3]

Others: If you have shingles, there are a lot of other things you can easily relate to.

Problems with Herpes Zoster

Also, the different parts of the book will tell you about the many complications and rules. Then go on to the explanation of post-herpetic neuralgia, which will help you remember that this problem gets worse as you get older. You will learn about the good effects of stopping COX-2.

There are many different things you’ll have to worry about, such as:

Chronic Infection: You will be given help to figure out how to deal with the pain.

Disseminated or Systemic Varicella Zoster Infections: This thing can even show signs of the infection. Some of the signs and symptoms include loss of bone mineral, loss of tooth enamel, tooth decay, and so on.

Severe Nerve Damage and Paralysis: You will also learn how this trouble can hurt your nerves. The set procedure gives you all the important ways to deal with this problem.

Cancer or other long-term illnesses This book also tells you that shingles can cause cancer, especially of the lymphatic system.

Others: You will also learn about many other problems, such as Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, Menioencephalitis, and others.

Diagnose: You might be told how to use the following tools to figure out if someone has Varicella zoster virus or another herpes virus. The polymerase chain reaction and the enzyme immunoassay are two of the tools (ELIZA).

The right side: This small thing makes it clear that the sickness is there.

What You Should Know About Healing: You will then be given information about healing and the exact things that need to be done for it to happen.

The Way the Body Heals: The next section talks about how nature made our bodies so that they automatically fight sickness without us having to worry about it.

How the body protects itself: Here are some ways the body protects itself, as well as ways we can help it do this work faster. But the focus is on the different ways the frame can protect itself from things like shingles. The author wrote this part so that you can get the right information.

The Different Types of Immunity: On this page, you can learn about the different types of immunity, such as:

Cytokines and other immune cell signals: This is a movement that white blood cells and normal cells make when they are responding to a threat.

Nitric Oxide: This part shows how cells use this gas to keep the body from getting hurt.

Natural Killer Cells: You’ll learn how these special cells work like an army to kill viruses.

Dendritic cells are also called antigen-presenting cells because they scan the body for antigens. You might find out that they are using different antibodies to help.[4]

Gain access to the official shingles treatment program

This special issue is about macrophages. It shows how these cells help to test and damage the body. Getting known for what they do:

  • Keeping stem cells alive and the bone marrow healthy
  • Help the mind get better and get back to normal.
  • Lung fitness help
  • Helping people burn fat
  • Keeping scar tissue from getting too big
  • control of how the immune system works
  • Getting rid of disease and damage

– Autophagy is any other organ of the mitochondria that plays a big role in our innate immunity. Autophagy can be thought of as the way each cell gets rid of its trash, such as broken cell parts. This system wraps the cell in a membrane or shell that eats up the broken parts and basically recycles the basic building blocks. You can learn more than enough about it from this book.

– Sirtuin Proteins: Sirtuins are a group of proteins that change how DNA is fixed, how faulty or viral genes are stopped from working, and how mitochondria work. SIRT1 is the only one of these seven proteins that we need to turn on the AMPK pathway and keep the mitochondria strong. The details are so different that they are easy to understand even without a second character to explain them.[5]

– Others: Here are some of the other things you’ll know:


Death on the move

Success with AMPK

Things that make the immune system weaker

This part gives you specific information about how to turn off the immune system. These things:

Diet: You will learn what kinds of food can stop your immune system from working well. Some of these are foods high in arginine, the usual lack of nutrients, too much or too little calcium, and sugar. And so many other things that could easily take away your body’s ability to fight back against problems like shingles.

You were carefully told about and shown the different foods so that you can eat right and make choices that will keep you from having to deal with this trouble. Salt, processed foods, lectins that cause inflammation, and a lot of other foods are also mentioned.

Lifestyle: The next most important thing is what you do and eat. Many of these habits make you easy to attack. These include medicines, therapy, taking caffeine, especially in the form of alcohol, and even smoking. There are also drug use, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, and a change in the body’s natural clock.

Environment: The way you take care of your body is another thing that could lower your immunity. Some of the things that are talked about here are stress, exposure to radiation, pollution, sunlight, and so many other things.[6]

Trying out other natural cures

This part talks about how easy it is to use natural things to find the right way to treat shingles or keep them from happening. Here, the focus can be on all of the things that have been talked about in the previous part of this book. The cool thing about this time is that you can easily figure out the answer on your own. Here are some of the suggested answers:


Varicella-Fighting Nutrients: The answers here are about how to use products that stop the herpes virus from spreading or that have a strong effect on how mitochondria work. Some of these are amino acids, like L-Leucine, L-Lysine, and so on; trace elements, like selenium, zinc, and so on; vitamins, like A and C; and phytochemicals, like berberine and curcumin.

Probiotics: This is where you shouldn’t forget to treat the gut, because all diseases are linked to some kind of microbial dysbiosis in the gut. Because of this, it’s very important to add things that will help you fight it. The book was written to help you get the best results, which in turn will help you avoid or deal with these problems. Some of the foods that are suggested are milk, lacto-fermented greens, and so on.the shingles solution reviews, All of these were talked about in class.

Foods with specific anti-joint properties: You can also find out about ingredients and materials that can help your immune system in a small way. Some of these foods are made from mulberry leaves and pitch. All of this can be talked about. You’ll know why you need to use those things and how to make sure they work for you. They are more than what can be said about them here.

Teas, herbs, and spices: There are so many of these, and they all help you get in great shape. You will love them very much. Cloves, licorice, lavender, green tea, and milk thistle are some of them. This book tells you everything you need to know to do it.

Dietary Fats and Oils: You will learn how to easily use their energy to give your body the right amount of protection. Fish oil and omega fatty acids are two that have been talked about as being good.

Paying attention, taking deep breaths, and dealing with pain Free Vectors, Stock Photos, and PSD

You will learn how to control pain with specific techniques.the shingles solution reviews, Some of these methods include:

Deep Breathing: You could be taught how to use your breathing in the right way to keep your body in a strangely balanced state.

Movement: You may be shown ways that go beyond normal movement to show you the best way to deal with the many problems that come with shingles. You get more than enough reasons and types to get the answers you need.

Anti-Shingles Lifestyle From Within: You may be guided through the following interventions to improve your health and vitality.

Gain access to the official shingles treatment program

Anti Shingles Benefits

Fasting: If you want better results, you will learn how to limit how many calories you eat.

Sleep: You may also be put through the process of sleeping in order to change how your body works to get a great result.

Spend time outside: Another hint is that you need to spend a lot of time outside to get the right result.

Shingles Can Be Gone in 28 Days

Here, you’ll be shown how to get rid of your shingles. The levels were broken up into different steps so that you could reach your goal.

Phase 1: This is the first day, which lasts for seven days and gives you everything you need to fight shingles. You might know what to eat and how to work out so you don’t have to go through all this trouble. IT comes with its own diet plan, which is meant to help you get the good results you need.

Phase 2: This 21-day plan has all the healthy eating plans and therapies you need to have a real effect on your body.

Extra Weeks: Find out how to work more time by reading about it.


There are a lot of different things in the appendix, but they are broken up into the following:

Pain Relief: Here, you’ll find a lot of plans that will help you feel better.

Food Lists for the Anti-Joint Diet: This is a good list of foods to avoid and foods to eat. The list has everything it needs to have.

Recipe for Success: These are tested recipes that will give you the best results. You can make them at home without much trouble. Some of them are silver bullet breakfast smoothies, quince puree, apple puree, and many others.

List of Dietary Supplements: This list takes time to put together because it has to take into account a number of amino acids, such as quercetin and reshi mushroom. Not only are they indexed, but you can also find out why you should use them and how to do so.

Deep Breathing: At the end of the book, the shingles solution book, you’ll learn how to breathe deeply and move slowly to get the results you want. After these sports, there are visual examples to help you learn how to handle any situation.

General evaluation

It’s a 166-page series of facts about how to use a natural remedy to treat shingles in 21 days. AP News looked at some of these facts here. the shingles solution pdf, You can get Julisa Clay’s Shingles Solution as a PDF file when you buy it. the shingles solution by julissa clay, All of the needed materials and how they can be used are set up in a simple layout and format so that people from all walks of life can understand them easily.

This is a well-known herb that has been used to treat other diseases, such as pimples and tumors. the shingles solution pdf, The most important thing it does is get rid of dead tissue through the restoration process. Most people think that this element of nature came from India. It is also known as bloodroot in some places. Check out this guide for more information about this thing.

Zincum muriaticum

This part of the shingles cure is known for its ability to stop inflammation. Zinkum Muriaticum can be used for more than just shingles. It can also be used to treat sore throats and cramps. The answer comes with instructions on how to use this one-of-a-kind part.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is used in a lot of natural treatments and products because it has a lot of chemical properties. Aloe vera is also needed if you want to treat shingles with only natural things. When used as a treatment for this specific problem, aloe can also help improve the way your digestive system and liver work. In this shingles solution book, you’ll find out exactly how to use it to get the results you want.


Side effects are something that many people complain about when they use herbal remedies to treat conditions like shingles. But this acidophilus ingredient helps ease the symptoms of eczema while it is being used to treat shingles. This isn’t something you’ll notice right away, but the results are there. The most interesting thing is that some experts in this field tried out most of these natural solutions before they were put on the market and taught to other people. One of them is Julisa Clay’s Shingles Solution.

Oat barn

Want to know what the oat barn does to help the shingles dry? If so, this product is just what you need. What really happens is that Julisa knows how to use special ingredients to treat shingles in a way that is good for the whole body. As part of the middle answer, oats help lower blood pressure and keep sugar levels in check. With the information in Julisa’s book, you can learn more about this topic without getting confused.

Pectin from apples

Apple pectin is in this product, which is another thing it does. This part’s job is to boost your immune system while you use this natural answer for shingles. This makes sure that you won’t have any big bad things happen when you use this solution.

How the cure for shingles works

In addition to being able to download the book,the shingles solution book,  you can also use the trusted shingles treatment program. the shingles solution program,This gives you the right to get worksheets to help you learn on a regular basis. The goal of these books is to help you improve your diet and way of life. By following the instructions and using the suggested items, you can also boost your immune system during the healing process.

As the author says, the answer to the question about shingles is based on technology. If you choose the physical book, you’ll also get it at the same time you place your order. Overall, it is a product made for people who have tried other treatments for shingles that haven’t worked.

If you know about organic products and herbal remedies for certain health problems, you might find this product to be exactly what you need right now.

How much does the shingles answer cost?

One thing I’ve learned from reading other reviews of shingles answer is that many of the people who have bought it are happy with how cheap it is. This price is probably less expensive than other ways you may have tried to treat your shingles. Aside from the price, getting rid of shingles for good is probably worth more than $49, even if it costs more.

Gain access to the official shingles treatment program

Julia and some other customers who have used it say that if you use it right, this answer can get rid of your moles and blemishes.

What Shingle Solutions are and what they are made of

Julisa Clay’s Shingles Solution is a mix of different materials and steps, the shingles solution by julissa clay,  just like other treatments for certain health problems. julissa clay the shingles solution, The main goal of the product, though, is to show you how to use a mix of these substances to get results as quickly as possible. The main things that the product does are listed under.

Sanguinaria canadensis

Final verdict

Yes, there are many different kinds of treatments for shingles. But they are rarely all about the same strength. If you’re like a few other people, you might have tried other options that didn’t work. It does not matter how much you spend. Here, the answer is right in front of you.

As has already been said, you don’t have to worry about anything bad happening. With some of the substances and chemicals that have already been mentioned, you don’t have to worry about any bad effects. You will not only get rid of the shingles, but your overall health will also get better.

Why do you have to use this item?

Because of the following, you need this product.

Shingles Scab Elimination is a program that can help you get rid of the scab from your shingles in record time. They dry quickly and go away without leaving any scars.

No Itching: Another benefit is that there is much less itching.

Better Than Traditional Treatments: This product works better than all of the traditional treatments for shingles.

Easy-to-Use Treatment: With this product, you don’t have to worry about going through a crowd or waiting to see your doctor before getting the right treatment.

No Age Limit: It has been tried and shown to work on all types of shingles, no matter how old you are. Most tips are good for people younger than 40 and older than 40. In other words, it’s easy enough for both young and old people to use without worrying about any bad effects.

Any Grade: This product is easy to use on any grade of shingles. No matter how bad your condition is, you can rest assured that you are getting the best care.

No More Painful Procedure: Have you ever been afraid of the pain and severity of treating your shingles? is the shingles solution legit, Then you shouldn’t be worried. Shingle Solutions can help you get rid of the pain.

Confidence: Shingles mess with our sense of self-confidence and make us feel like we don’t know anything about our oral health. But with the Shingle Solution, you can save face and talk to other people without worrying about how your face looks.

Gain access to the official shingles treatment program


The customer is responsible for making sure there aren’t any side effects. You need to make sure you follow all of the tips and tricks because that’s the only way to get a good result.


Everyone who wants to treat or prevent shingles should use this product. The diets and activities don’t have any negative side effects, which makes it easy for anyone who wants to use it. Having confidence and being healthy is always a great thing.

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Gain access to the official shingles treatment program


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