The Home Doctor Book By Dr Maybell Nieves Reviews – Scam Or Legit

Welcome everyone! This is a review for the home doctor book reviews  from someone looking for a reliable and honest Home doctor review.

Most people aren’t the best at handling situations, but if I have to choose between an emergency without help or having something to guide me, it’s the latter.

Home Doctor’s Handbook Review: Is this a proven treatment that people can try at home?

Home Doctors teach people the basics of medicine and diagnose and treat health problems.

It is written by trained doctors so that people know the information is correct. This means that there is less risk of being misdiagnosed or doing more harm than good when trying to help someone in need.

The purpose of this review is to give readers an in-depth look at this guide about the home doctor book  and determine if it’s the e-book every Home needs.

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What exactly are a Home doctor’s guidelines?

The Home Doctor is a guide written by Doctors for managing most medical problems when medical help is not available.

This book is designed to help people in need of medical help and contains practical ways to use it at home.

It includes treating the most common health problems such as high blood pressure, burns, epilepsy, abdominal pain and more. It also contains basic information on how to prevent accidents or illnesses in the future.

In addition to saving lives, the aim of this book is to increase people’s confidence and ability to take care of their health and the health of those around them during illness or injury until professional medical help arrives.

An e-book can also help people avoid unnecessary expenses, such as visiting a doctor or scheduling expensive professional appointments, while basic treatment,1950 home doctor book, care and attention at home suffice.1

The book was co-authored by Dr. Mabel Neves, Claude Davis, and Dr. Rodrigo Alterio.

Dr. Neves practices medicine in Caracas, Venezuela. home doctor book by dr maybell nieves, She is a general practitioner and breast surgeon. Dr. Alterio is a surgical oncologist practicing in Dallas, Texas. Claude Davis is an expert in physical therapy for survival.

The authors of The Home Doctor have each written a section in which they have extensive medical experience and knowledge to help people when medical care is delayed or unavailable.

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What is a Home doctor?

In the face of danger, everyone has that moment of fear. They were frozen in place, not knowing what to do to keep themselves and others safe. Emergencies can happen at any time, and there are plenty of educational materials online and in stores to help you prepare,home doctor book online  but what about regular ways to help? Most consumers don’t realize that there are many ways to stay healthy, eliminate disease, and more.1847 john newman the home doctor book for sale, The new Home Doctor’s book aims to show you what you can do to stay safe.

Described in over 300 pages of content, Home Doctors focuses on treating any Home’s medical problems under any circumstance. This Doctor-written guide is useful for consumers who find themselves unable to obtain medical assistance.

The creators are asking consumers to think about the ongoing problems in Venezuela, leaving many without running water or electricity. They don’t have access to antibiotics or painkillers, but the guidelines hope a Home doesn’t have to deal with these situations. home doctor book by dr maybell nieves, All credit goes to Dr. Mabel Nevis.

About Dr. Mabel Nevis

Dr. Mabel Neves is Chief Surgeon at the University Hospital of Caracas, Venezuela. With more than ten years of surgical experience, he continues to focus on new treatments as the economic meltdown is challenging local residents to stay healthy.the home doctor book pdf, Pharmacies lost their stock of medicines, and the public soon lost running water and electricity.

Most of the procedures described in this guide can be performed on their own, without the use of electricity or water. Thanks to Nieves, Rodrigo Alterio and Dr. Claude Davis for helping people during a power outage.

What do readers get in Home Doctor?

With over 300 pages to review all of these life-saving facts, consumers can relieve the stress of challenges posed by medical issues.2 In the content, users will learn about:

Ten medical supplies you need to have on hand when you’re faced with a supply chain issue.

The biggest mistakes the average consumer makes during a power outage and how to protect medications that require refrigeration.

Signs of a heart attack and how to help someone get over it.

The risks of using expired medicines, and what is the actual expiration date.

A must have for four antibiotic users.

A natural pain reliever that has been grown outdoors, providing the same pain relievers that users get from medications.

How to build an inventory of medicines.

The first thing they should do after noticing that they had a stroke.

The risk of taking the wrong probiotics.

The best way to treat respiratory problems is at home.

How to treat any scratches or other damage to the skin using household items such as egg whites.

These lessons are detailed for consumers, making emergency preparedness easier than ever.

What does the Home doctor’s guide include?

This e-book contains a variety of basic and practical first aid methods.The home doctor book provides information for people to choose between professional help and self-treatment.

It also includes instructions on how to repair broken bones without medical intervention, improve personal hygiene, clean water, and natural treatment for common ailments such as diarrhea, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The Home Doctor’s Guide focuses on step-by-step instructions and graphics on how to perform simple but life-saving procedures, such as repairing broken bones, suturing wounds, and treating burns.

The e-book also explains how to create a medical kit for your safety and the safety of others in your home. It is recommended to include items in this set to save a life in an emergency.

It also provides instructions on how to perform herbal wound healing remedies, recipes to relieve cold and flu symptoms, best healing methods for bee stings, how to start a fire without a match or lighter, and more.

Each disease described in the guidelines has all the symptoms described. This reduces the chance of misdiagnosis or misuse because people will know what problem they are dealing with before treatment.

You can find more information about the Home doctor’s guidance on the official website here

Advantages of the Home Doctor Handbook: Does a Home Doctor Work for Dr. Mabel Nevis?

There are many advantages to downloading the Home Doctor’s Guide, including:

The ability to save lives when emergency medical assistance is not available.

Help Home members become self-sufficient and decide for themselves how to deal with illness or injury until professional help arrives.

Teach people simple ways to prevent health problems like high blood pressure at home without having to see a doctor for frequent checkups.

Educate Home members on how to manage a medical emergency at home until professional help arrives.

Educate people on how to manage common illnesses and injuries at home with natural remedies or self-care to help them save on medical bills.

If people download the Home Doctor’s Handbook, it can inspire confidence in their Home’s ability to deal with health difficulties that can occur due to adverse conditions.

Client feedback and concerns about Home Doctors

There were no complaints or negative reviews about GPs. Almost all consumer complaints and reviews on this topic are good.

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Why should this product help me?

Author Dr. Mabel Nevis wrote The Home Doctor book primarily to better prepare readers for disaster situations. With this book on hand, you should be able to stock up on medicinal products that may be useful to you. In addition, with the knowledge provided in the book, you can easily stop bleeding or treat a wound or infection in an emergency situation. Compared to many previous generations, many people do not understand emergency medical care. If a person’s health is in danger, a doctor’s appointment or an ambulance is notified. In sudden disasters such as earthquakes, emergency call systems are often overburdened. Sometimes it can take hours or days to get medical help and care.3 The Home Doctor’s Notebook is designed to help in these situations by taking the first steps to increase the chances of a full recovery. In some rural areas of Germany, inadequate healthcare has become a reality. Establishing oneself as a general practitioner in rural areas is often accompanied by a lack of interest in medical professionals. Usually many experts can only be found in the nearest big city. Through the book “The Home Doctor” it will be possible to apply practical medicine in these situations in order to help yourself first. Click here to discover current discounts!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of practical medicine?



  • Index not included
  • Practical medicine carries some risks.

Who is the target audience for a Home doctor?

Home Doctor readers are divided into different target groups.the home doctor book reviews, The first target group includes people who want to learn more about health because of the potential for severe weather risks due to the current pandemic or climate change. Home Doctor books for this purpose are available in print books and e-books. If you can’t charge your tablet, you can also get information from classic books. In emergency situations, such as after a flood, the risk of an accident increases dramatically. Lack of electricity and muddy roads increase the possibility of injury or even breakage after a fall. Feeling prepared should prevent unthinking actions in these situations that could put your health at risk.

The second target group for the Home Doctor includes people with an interest in medicine in general. Parents or caregivers of relatives in need usually fall into this category as well. If a child or the elderly cannot communicate verbally, this book can help correctly interpret the symptoms of a possible illness. Practical medicine can take away the feeling of powerlessness in these situations. Following the instructions in the book is also a good measure of transportation until emergency services arrive.

Another target group includes people who like to travel or hike on their own. If you are one of those travelers who prefer solitude to mass tourism, you are also in for an adventure. If you sustain a cut or other injury, practical medicine can help you stay fit and healthy. The Home doctor’s notebook can also be carried with the e-reader, saving space. For more information and discounted prices, visit the product website here.

Are there any known side effects or problems?

Self-treatment or even a misdiagnosis of any infection carries certain risks. Therefore, the authors of the book “Home Doctor” have repeatedly stated that use should be limited to extreme cases. If symptoms themselves don’t have a priority in a health system mired in a pandemic or natural disaster, this book should help kick-start your health care so people don’t have to accept any harm to their health. So simply focusing on this reference and removing medical appointments from the calendar entirely was not the goal of this book.

As for the book “Home Doctor”, the danger lies not in applying the advice given, but in possible problems of understanding. This book is only available in English. If you miss some vocabulary while reading, having a dictionary nearby is very helpful. This way, you can avoid misunderstanding words that can harm your health rather than benefit your health.

Home Doctor’s Book Program Facts

The Home Doctor’s Book is organized into several sections. You’ll find more information about each section below.

Preparation: First aid kits do not necessarily contain the medical supplies needed for practical medicine. In the Home Doctor’s Handbook, readers can learn about medications, dressings, and other things to keep at home. The main objective of the preparation is to avoid wasting valuable time in assembling an emergency emergency kit. Sufferers also get help more quickly if these items are on hand.

Medical information: Recognizing the signs of a heart attack or stroke is important to help yourself and others in a timely manner. This Home Doctor book provides knowledge and information that goes beyond medical theory. This includes reminders to stock up on insulin in the event of a power outage, for example. This information does not necessarily need to be applied immediately, but it can prevent bad decisions in an emergency situation.

Treatment: Practical medicine taught in Home Doctors often presupposes a lack of qualified professionals when treatment is needed. This book provides tips for treating bleeding wounds and severe toothaches. It’s 300 pages and covers probably the most important treatments that can be done at home.

Home Doctor Book Review: 

The Home Doctor Book by Dr. Maybell Nieves collects medical information and graphics. This combination can help you not to lose courage in a medical emergency, but follow the instructions in the photo. At the same time, this book is not a 100% substitute for medical care. However, in emergency situations, Practical Medicine can help readers, hospitals, and their medical staff in crisis areas. As a result, critically ill patients are cared for faster, while manageable injuries and medical problems do not initially require direct medical assistance through practical medicine. However, if the situation improves, you can follow up with your doctor to make sure you are following the correct steps in your GP’s manual.

Buyers who have seen a Home doctor are interested in the reference book. This indicates that most readers do not want to apply most of the new knowledge themselves. As a result, most buyers will focus more on peace of mind to be able to act decisively in an emergency. Negative reviews about doctors are increasingly appearing in missing evidence. According to buyers, such omissions by publishers and authors will make it difficult to find correct information on practical medicine in emergency situations. Visit the product website for more customer reviews.

Home Doctor’s Book Quality Seal

At present, there are two points that can explain the quality of the book “The Home Doctor”. The first qualitative characteristic is the form of the author. Dr. Mabel Nevis didn’t have to gain the experience needed to write this book, but she is already a medical graduate. Therefore, this book should not represent only superficial knowledge. Another point closely related to this expert medical knowledge is the confidence of the reader. For example, if you are experiencing symptoms that may indicate a stroke, it is important that the tips and advice presented contain substance. Practical medicine in areas such as inflammation or an ingrown toenail should help relieve symptoms rather than making them worse by self-treatment as indicated. If the book was written by a doctor, there will be more confidence in the content.

Another quality characteristic has nothing to do with the content, but with the purchase of books. The publisher offers each Home Doctor book purchase the option to cancel the purchase within 60 days. If you use this option, the seller agrees to refund the purchase price in full. At this point, you have nothing to lose. You can simply return the book or e-book if the content does not meet your expectations in practical medicine for self-medication.

Where can I buy GP books?

Home doctor books can be purchased in several ways. In most bookstores, the book has not yet been ordered. This means that you will have to wait until you are able to get a practical book of Home medicine. This book is currently only available in English. Many libraries have limited sections for foreign languages, so it was good to find this book right away.

The second option is to buy from an online bookstore such as Amazon. There, the books are often available for download as e-books. However, one wrong click may be enough, and I have purchased a similar book with a confusing name. To prevent this danger, the book publisher launched its own website with an integrated online store. You can choose The Home Doctor right there to book and order food easily.

You can currently choose between two different offers. Here are the details:

Offer: printed book + e-book / shipping

Offer: E-Book / Free Shipping

In the first view, the e-book is available for immediate download. Depending on the manufacturer, hard copies may take up to two weeks to arrive. It is not clear if the seller is referring to the US market only or includes shipping to Europe. On the other hand,the home doctor book reviews, the available payment methods are clearly marked. These include payment for:

Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)


Once you make the payment, you can start downloading and studying the book right away to learn more about public health and what to do in a medical emergency.

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Manufacturer details

The following information is known about the publisher of the book “The Home Doctor”:

Name: Global Brother LLC

By: Dr. Maple Nevis


2549 Wakigan Street

PMB 45933


Illinois 60015


Country of Origin: United States

Support: contact the e-mail on the site

The publisher is American, and, according to the biography, the author lives in Venezuela. If you have any questions before purchasing this book, you should submit an application in English. This increases the chances that the translation software will not distort the meaning and the answer will actually help you.”we love katamari” home doctor book 4

The pros and cons of a Home doctor

Home Doctors is available in pdf format.The home doctor book pdf, While it is best to know both sides of the product before buying it,home doctor book pdf, the pros outweigh the cons.


  • This book was written by a board-certified Doctor.
  • Home Doctor is available in both digital and paper formats, with basic instructions written in plain English.
  • The book includes diagrams of how medical treatments such as orthopedic placement are performed.
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • reasonable cost


  • It is only available on their official website.
  • The physical version of Home Doctor is only available in limited quantities.
  • Price and availability of the Home Doctor’s Guide
  • Price and purchase

Home Doctor is available in both digital and print formats.

Both physical and digital books cost $37, while the shipping and handling price for the physical copy is $8.99.

The Home Doctor’s Guide offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Both models can only be found on the official website of the company.

People should be wary of fake traders who try to provide duplicate instructions under the guise of GP instructions.

Home Doctor Coupon

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 The Home Doctor Book By Dr Maybell Nieves FAQ

Are e-books really written by medical professionals?

Yes, as mentioned above, this book is authored and certified by a doctor. Corrections to their content have been approved by various medical institutions and medical practitioners.

What type of information does it contain?

This is a healthcare booklet for situations where medical assistance is not available. It contains very practical ways to prevent and manage common illnesses and injuries that people can use at home. It also includes instructions on how to perform simple but life-saving procedures when immediate medical help is not available.

Do people need prior medical experience to use a Home doctor?

No, you don’t have to worry about their experiences, as the book contains black and white illustrations that give step-by-step instructions for dealing with many old and new problems with natural solutions.

Can the digital form only be purchased?

Yes, GP has both physical and digital formats. People can also save money by purchasing both the print and digital versions.

Does it include a money back guarantee?

It includes a 60-day money-back guarantee, so people won’t lose money if they aren’t satisfied with the product.

Are GP reservations a scam?

The Home Doctor’s Guide can be trusted because it is written by medical professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the medical field.

These are the things they wish they knew when they started working as doctors. They make sure that practitioners certify its validity and accuracy before writing it down. Not only that, but the quality of the content has also been recognized by many medical institutions.

Based on the various reviews of the Home doctor,the home doctor book reviews, it is clear that the book has an easy-to-understand format that anyone can use.

Given all these facts, it seems that the Home doctor is the legitimate mentor.

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