The Lost Superfoods Review: A Guide To The Best Foods For Survival

The Lost Super Foods is a new term for foods that are high in vitamins and minerals but low in calories. They are very helpful in everyday life for people who are very busy with work. This great product is designed to make it as easy as possible for people to get access to great information about food.

This 270-page book has a lot of recipes and ways to share healthy, nutrient-dense foods. This book is a must-have for everyone because it has 126 amazing ingredients and clever ways to store them. Get The Lost Superfoods for as little as possible.[1]

The Lost Superfoods by Art Rude, Lex Rooker, Claude Davis, and Fred Dwight is a key part of The Lost Ways ebook collection. It is a short collection of more than 30 long-lasting survival food recipes and stocking tips.

This 270-page book is full of recipes and instructions for making foods that are not only very healthy and nutritious but also very hardy.

You may also already know some of the ingredients in this e-book, or at least have heard of them. Some of the many Pinterest recipes you can find on blogs all over the Internet aren’t as popular or have been “lost,” if you will.

Even though the recipes on this useful informational product aren’t fancy or amazing, they may be considered unusual. Many of them use less-well-known ingredients that aren’t as easy to find and buy as the ingredients used by some of the more popular fitness food blogs.[2]

The Superfoods We Lost

What you’ll learn about survival tool training

As expected, a quick search on Google can find even the most unusual parts and places to shop in a minute or less. Also, the book gives the reader some basic information about the different foods and the combinations that go with them.

You’ll learn a little bit about the history, origins, and uses of foods like kudzu starch, pemmican, biltong, aaruul, tarhana, and more.

One of the best things about this particular cookbook is that it has a lot of color pictures all over it. The pictures make it easy to follow the recipes and help you judge your masterpiece so you know if you are on the right track.[3]

Not only does the book show a staged, perfect-looking picture of the end result, but it also shows real-life pictures of the process and result so you can see yourself and feel empowered.

What kinds of recipes you will find

If you want to know what kinds of recipes you can find in The Lost Superfoods, here is a list to give you an idea:

Recipe for Doomsday Rations

How to make homemade junk mail

The superfood that Japan’s best assassins ate when they went on missions that took a month

How to make a stick of bread

Viking Survival Food has a shelf life of 3 years.

How to Make Pemmican, a Native American Food

How to make tasty biltong with a shelf life of a year

Aaruul was the superfood that helped the Mongols get to the gates of Vienna.

Cooked butter, ghee, and clarified butter are all made.

How to Bake Bark Bread (3 Methods)

Made-at-home bread in a can

How to make jerky from red meat

How to make tasty lard that will last for two years (plus five tasty recipes)

Amish Poor Man’s Steak in a can

Mountaineer Tuna Stroganoff: How to Make It

How to make and smoke kielbasa sausages

The native superfood that kept the colonists alive when it was cold

John Cakes was born in 1621.

Hardtack cookies: how to make them

Getting the Three Sisters Soup ready (2 recipes)

How to make Tarhana Soup and Dough

Bean and Rice Soup to Stay Alive (Easy and Adaptable Recipe)

The oil that stays good for at least five years and is full of nutrients

How to cook pastrima, the hardy meat of the Ottoman Empire.

Frumenty: The foods that kept Europe alive in the Middle Ages

How to make powdered peanut butter

How to Make Bully Beef, a World War II Emergency Food Source

How to make and stock up on fruit leather-based

How to make the soup that saved the Lewis and Clark Expedition and could be taken with them.

Putting pasta sauce in jars to keep it safe for a long time

Delicious Chili Bean Soup That Has Been Dried

How to make healthy sauerkraut by burying cabbage in pots like the Mongol Tatar people did.

The Lost Superfoods Book as a PDF

Recipes from Art Rude

In this in-depth test, you will find out everything you need to know.

want to know about the PDF and print versions of The Lost Superfoods. In his best work,

Art Rude each recipe for a superfood that our grandparents kept. Every single thing

All you have to do to get your copy of The Lost Superfoods PDF is download it.

start putting together the cheapest, healthiest, well-known and

and long-lasting meals you can think of.[4]

Click here to see The Lost.

Superfoods PDF Book >>>

Art Rude thinks that we are all much more vulnerable than we used to be.

compared to people in the past, especially when it comes to what we eat.

Every right is kept. This summary was written by way of GCPublishing. Images: 1 Yay Images

He used to teach math and is a family man through and through.

He was always careful with his children and grandchildren.

to keep his family safe from any bad thing that could happen in America.

Before, most of what people ate came from their gardens.

Around the house, they might grow vegetables or raise chickens and other small animals.

Some even had a cow to make cheese and milk.

Most of us depend on supermarkets today, but most of us don’t know that

that we don’t have any way to help our homes if they are robbed or if the power grid goes down.

So we can feed our families.

The Lost Superfoods is a PDF book with the best recipes for dealing with health problems.

Foods that don’t need refrigeration and can be kept for a long time.

This information is set up so that anyone, even those who don’t know how to read, can understand it.

has never cooked or kept a pantry can learn.

Everything is shown in clear, step-by-step, colored instructions.

There are pictures in full color and clear instructions.

The Lost Art of Survival has more than 126 forgotten survival ingredients and stash hacks.

Superfoods” (PDF) is a book you should have in your survival supplies.

You’ll also be able to find accurate nutritional information for every food you add.

so that you always know how many macronutrients, such as fats, carbohydrates, and

and the protein it needs.[6]

And how many you want more of.

Art Rude wants to reach as many people as possible with The Lost Superfoods PDF Recipes.

American families with children who are 3, 6, or even 1 year

Superfoods that are worth a year or more are ready to help out in case of a local emergency.

a hurricane, a national disturbance like a disease that kills a lot of people, or a general grid failure.


Here are just a few examples of what The Lost Superfoods has to offer.

  • PDF e book by Art Rude…
  • US doomsday ration
  • You will learn how to make your own version of the mystery US army superfood, the
  • At some point during the Cold War, things changed.
  • It should be enough to feed everyone in the US, even in the worst of times.
  • Once you’ve made your first batch, you might forget about them because there are more important things to do.
  • Because, under the right conditions, this food will never go bad.
  • This review was written by GCPublishing, which has all rights to it. Images: Yay Images three
  • With some money, you can always feed your whole family well.
  • Spend a few bucks. It’s so light you can put it in your pocket.
  • should also be in your emergency bag.
  • The shelf-stable foods with important fat
  • This superfood, which is mentioned in The Lost Superfoods PDF book, can give you:
  • all the healthy fat your body needs in a crisis without you having to do anything.
  • Can be kept without refrigeration for at least a year.
  • It has a lot of butyric acid and also helps the body absorb as many vitamins as possible from other foods.
  • Of vitamins from different foods by keeping and supporting the lining of your gut
  • you buy a lot of food at once.

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Superfoods PDF Book >>>

The Leningrad Siege Recipe for Healthy Food

One of the foods in The Lost Superfoods PDF is a recipe for this dish.

During the Siege of Leningrad, when the city went hungry,

The city was ruled by famine. It is an old European dish that has been forgotten.

from a time when people had to think outside the box to find ways to keep their food.

The recipe for the bread that lasts a long time

You will even find out how the Cree tribe makes bread that lasts a long time.

The horse was made after the buffalo were hunted to the point where they were almost extinct.[7]

were hunted until they were almost gone.

You only need this bread to add high-energy carbs to your emergency diet.

What people ate during the Great Depression

The next superfood you can find in the PDF version of The Lost Superfoods is preserved

America was going hungry when the Great Depression was at its worst.

Plus, it tastes better than any other survival food you’ve tried.

about two years if it is not refrigerated.

The secret to keeping cheese safe

Find out how to make almost any cheese at room temperature.

Cheese has been around for a long time, and it’s no secret that it can be kept at a certain temperature.

as it gets cooler.

The food that saved the Civil War

This review became written by GCPublishing, which has all rights to it. Images: Yay Images 5

Art Rude also talks about the one food that saved the lives of more Americans during the Civil War.

during the Civil War than anyone else. , it’s not hardtack, but it’s miles a lot of work.

but could be as strong.

Turkish meat that can last for a long time

You can also get the recipe for “Coated Meat,” which lets you copy the victories of the

saved the Ottoman Empire’s new lands from hunger for hundreds of years.

When the “scorched earth” method was used against them.

Genghis Khan’s long lasting probiotic

The PDF book The Lost Superfoods also tells you about the superfood that

helped the Mongol hordes led by Genghis Khan march to the gates of Vienna.

To walk through Vienna.

Not only does this food help you get the nutrients you need, but it is also one of the best.

herbal probiotics that like eating processed foods

Foods like MREs.

The ninja superfood

With this recipe, the top assassins were able to eat well during their months of secret missions.

On missions, it was hard to find things like sparkling food or even water to drink.

Tarhana recipe

People in Turkey used to live off of tarhana, which is a fermented soup.

when three years in a row, the harvest failed.

It will last for years on your shelf because the fermentation process kills any bacteria that could make it bad.

kills microorganisms that are dangerous.

Bread bark

The Lost Superfoods, a PDF book by Art Rude, also tells you how

How to make bread from the bark of a tree that grows on almost every street in the U.S.

Recipe for fruity

You might even find out how the Europeans made the drug that helped them stay alive.

helped people in Europe during the Dark Ages, especially when the Black Plague hit.

the U.S.A. was very sad.

It is thought that the important vitamins on this food helped a lot of people stay alive.

The nutrients in this whole food helped her body.

And over a hundred different pieces of survival gear and maintenance methods that have been forgotten.

which you can pick and add to your stash

You can get The Lost Superfoods as a PDF ebook or a paperback.

throw out all worries about being hungry all the time.

Click here to see The Lost.

Superfoods PDF Book >>>

Why is The Lost Superfoods important?

This 270-page book has a lot of recipes and instructions. These recipes not only keep for a long time, but they are also very healthy and full of vitamins. The book is organized so that anyone with a basic understanding of food education and stocking can get the upper hand.

Even though the facts and recipes in the book may not sound very exciting, they are actually very interesting. Most of the recipes call for unusual, hard-to-find ingredients and aren’t very detailed, unlike other healthy options you can find on food blogs.


This informative book has some very interesting features that will help you throughout your life. One of the most important features of The Lost Super Foods is that it helps you get ready for emergencies like war, natural disasters like hurricanes, or virus outbreaks like Covid’19, in which food can be prepared to be stored for months or even a year.

With the right amount of food and recipes, it’s possible to cook and store food even without refrigeration if food is scarce or hard to get. It also teaches you how to cook well, which is why it’s called a “food survival guide.”

The information in the book about survival foods is set up in a way that makes it easy to prepare food to cook in an emergency and gives many tips on how to keep things in good shape to make sure they last longer.

It gives a detailed review of the recipe along with pictures to help you learn more about the person and how the price of each meal can be used to its fullest potential without any waste.

The book tells you how much of each nutrient, like carbs, fats, or proteins, a recipe has. This makes it clear whether or not more of a nutrient is needed. The book is available in print and as an e-book, which makes it very handy for customers to pick out it as they like.

Even though there isn’t a fridge to store food for later, The Lost Super Foods has the most important American recipes from a long time ago. It has clear, important reasons, colorful pictures, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Plus, you’ll get a great plan for running a food garage.


Here are a few of the great things about this helpful e-book:

This book has 20 easy, microwaveable recipes that are all very clear and easy to follow.

The recipes in the book can be made ahead of time, heated up, and served when needed.

Each dish is very easy to make and can be done by anyone with common kitchen tools.

The book comes in both softcover and hardcover versions, and it has color pictures to make all the recipes easier to make.

All the recipes taste great and are good for your health. You will also get a free manual along with this e-book.

This e-book has a list of all the healthy and delicious superfoods that the whole family will enjoy.

These give you easy access to life hacks that will save you money and help you eat better.

You’ll also learn how to feed yourself for a month on just a few dollars and about other superfoods that are growing all over the world.

Where can you buy it?

The book is available in both physical and digital formats, so you can choose what works best for you. The Lost Super Foods gives you 60 days to get your money back if you don’t like it.

Here are some details about how much this beautiful book costs:

You can buy the digital book for $37, but after the discount, it only costs $27. You also get two digital bonuses, each worth $27, for free, and you have a month to ask for your money back.

You can also get the hard copy and the digital copy of the book for $37. After the sale, it will sell for $27 plus $9.99 for shipping and handling. You will also get two digital bonuses worth $27 each for free, and you have a month to get your money back.

You can only buy The Lost Super Foods from the official website. You can’t buy it from any other online or physical stores.


This book is a complete guide to knowing how to keep, store, and eat in the long run without the food we have today. The Lost Super Foods is full of amazing and surprising food recipes. It brings back a lot of things you may be familiar with, but with some changed techniques, you’ll see some new ways to keep your food without putting it in the fridge.

The main goal of this book is to find as many healthy recipes as possible on a low budget. The author also offers a one-month money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free investment for your future with low prices and more.

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